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In Supertest: the TKSz nkm 20A

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vuque #1 Posted 03 August 2018 - 03:27 PM

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Hello Commanders!


The TKS, a light but brave Tier II Polish tank enters the closed test.

This tank was based on the TK tankette, the most mass-produced armored vehicle of pre-WWII Wojsko Polskie (the Polish Armed Forces). The TK started its Army service in 1931, and by 1933, 300 had been made. Several years of TK operation provided lots of feedback for the engineers who delivered an improved version, the TKS, not long before the WWII.

In 1939, 24 TKSs were equipped with 20mm FK-A wz.38 autocannons and received the TKSz nkm 20A designation. The famous Polish ace tanker, Roman Edmund Orlik, fought in one and managed to destroy 10 German tanks (including a PzKpfw IV Ausf B) on September 18–19 1939. (Have you ever won the Orlik’s medal, by the way?)

In the game, the TKSz nkm 20A is a very mobile vehicle able to quickly reach covered firing positions. Its strong sides are fast-firing gun and nice shell penetration. The 20mm gun uses 10-round cases and fires 2 shells in a single shot.

This fast, stealthy and quick firing tank is very vulnerable for enemy fire. Being both cautious and bold will bring you success (probably even one of Orlik’s grade).

The stats of Orlik’s TKS may change based on test results. Stay tuned and best of luck in every battle!



Jerry_At_Rick #2 Posted 04 August 2018 - 09:40 AM


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Inappropriate_noob #3 Posted 04 August 2018 - 04:29 PM

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Two shells in a single shot, interesting, autoloading too, expect some hate, lol

4nt #4 Posted 05 August 2018 - 06:19 PM


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Intresting. The autoloader has decent stats, but the lack ot turret will be very limiting factor. The offset of gun and moderate dep also limit the machine on it's tier. Turn speed is good vs almost everything bar pz3c.

But most importantly- will this mean also tankette lines for other nations?

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