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genuine call for help

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NoobySkooby #1 Posted 04 August 2018 - 04:38 PM


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Can anyone make a vid tutorial on how to play this thing without getting penned from every angle, angle the tank, penned, facing forward, penned, reverse sidescrape, penned, there is not one angle I have tried where you cannot get penned, been in training rooms with clan mate in a KV4, and a tier 6 T37 LT.


Four shots from the KV4, and angle and to the garage I go, T37 struggled, got my tracks, but in the end I killed him, as I was getting bored.



Genuine replies only, stat haters can jog on, my other tier 8's work, this does not.


I am one click away from rage selling this.

PubliusCornelius #2 Posted 03 September 2018 - 11:54 AM


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I feel your pain, I am in the exact same situation.


The tank is crap through and through. I am teaching myself to play it as a second line heavy with no armor as it cannot face-to-face any other T8 heavy. Also trying to exploit the mobility and gun depression as far as they will go can help a bit.


Cannon fodder nontheless.

AzoreanOutkast #3 Posted 03 September 2018 - 12:06 PM

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Actually this tank as armor and works... Sometimes!


I got it and use it alot since i purchased it and realised pretty soon that this works as a suport heavy, not as a frontline tank, unless ur top tier on a tier 6 match and even so u gotta be carefull how u use it, i rather preffer the alpine tiger in that regard as its more forgiving and more mobile but suffers from most of the same problems.


But back to the 50TP...


This tank is more a heavy medium than a actual heavy tank, all the flaws of a heavy but plays as a medium, wich i know sounds horrible!

Using armor against ppl that arent spamming gold (in that case no matter what u do it will pen for sure more than often), ur best bet is to "hug" your opponents, go right into them and putt front to front and exchange shots, since actually armor works decent in front, as long as u dont let them shoot the drivers port (keep that tank moving foward and back to be more dificult and swing it side to side also to make it harder to hit).

Sidescrap... Well angle it very shallow, if u give it more than 10º angle ur gonna get hurt... basically as design goes u gotta use those tracks to absorve the damage rather then trying to give side, since to do that and cover the tracks ur putting yourself at a angle almost all can pen u.


Good thing about this tank is, if u use right equipment and decent crew with right skills u have good gun handling (as possible for a heavy gun with good alpha) to maximize ur shots from mid to close range.


In this tank avoid open areas, ur spots where ppl can flank and shoot u from side or back, u do that ur dead quick.

Hull down whenever u can cause the turret armor is pretty decent just point that gun at the enemy so he cant pen u... But be warned, arty will ripe u apart easily, most matchs they focus on me like crazy and dont let go, we are that juicy for them.


Bottom line is...

Dont be the first one on the front, stay a little behind, suport another player, read the minimap and help out your team, that way u can get decent use out of this tank, its not by no means a polish "defender", that is just hype that really makes many ppl buy this out of impulse just to be totally dissapointed cause it is not a tank to do what the defender does.


PS- Putt the defender in the premium shop and im one that will buy it in a heartbit.

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