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1.1 Polish Heavy Tank Branch Impressions

please move to heavy section when it opens seimka

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FluffyRedFox #1 Posted 06 August 2018 - 05:18 PM


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Polish Heavy Tank Branch Impressions*
*As of the 1st iteration 1.1 test server.
Tier 1 - 4TP 
Tier 2 - 7TP 


Tier 3 - 10TP 


Tier 4 - 14TP 


Tier 5 - 25TP KSUST II 


Tier 6 - 40TP Habicha 


Tier 7 - 45TP Habicha 


Tier 8 - 53TP Markowskiego 


Tier 9 - 50TP Tyszkiewicza 


Tier 10 - 60TP Lewandowskiego 


Overall impression:

A fairly interesting line ranging from fast support tanks, hard hitting heaviums to hulldown dreadnoughts, adding a few novel features to the current selection of tanks without resorting to gimmicks like in the Italian line. None of the tanks in their current form seem gamebreaking, overpowered or even best in class. I guess its worth mentioning that tier 1 through 4 are light tanks, tier 5 and 6 are medium tanks, with the heavies starting at tier 7 so Pudel drivers may have to find another crew if they want to keep playing their Pudel after reaching to tier 7. Is the line worth grinding? In my opinion, yes. I would advise against free xp'ing straight to the tier 5 unless you have enough free XP to go through both the tier 5 and 6 stock grinds afterwards. 

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leggasiini #2 Posted 06 August 2018 - 05:37 PM

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Good review u fegit


Initially my impressions are fairly similar; tier 8's gun is just stupidly good, like if it had good enough pen, it would be acceptable as a tier 9 HT gun. Tier 9 and 10 seem fairly strong (even if tier 9 is quite squishy but the gun is really good), the latter felt very fun to play even with all the crap on test server. 750 alpha with comfy gun stats, good turret, good HP and good gun depression makes it basically something that could be a go-to tier 10 pubstomper for me. Tier 6-7 don't seem very promising, though, and tier 1-4 are just free-XP pits for me (altho tier 4 has meme potential even if it sucks). Obviously, it's hard to tell it fully from test server experience, since in live they might end up being different (remember when more people were worried about the Obj 705A than 268 V4, LUL), especially when it comes to tier 7-10 HTs since all of them seem effective at crapping on lower tiers (either armor layout like tier 7 that resists tier 5s (and basically only thing the hull does), or craps on with turret armor + huge alpha).


I'm gonna powergrind the line by myself when they get released, since for me it is probably one of the most exciting lines they have done in a long time, and will write a similar review I did with the 2nd French HT line back in December (if anyone still remembers that). Interested to see how they perform in live server.

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