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FoxForceFive #1 Posted 06 August 2018 - 10:03 PM


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I have been playing WoT for years and I am just wondering what you where thinking when you changed some of the maps and when you made new ones.


I usally play Maus wich is a slow tank. Since you changed the maps it is like you went out of your way to make people stop playing slow tanks. On many maps you are not even able to get to cover before even medium tanks get into position to nuke you?


Glacier map. Are you [edited]kidding me???????  As a slow tank you first have to take about 2-4 hit just to get to decent cover on top of the map. After that you manage to make a sniper tower for fast tanks with a stranded ship???? Give me ONE example in history where tanks were able to drive up a ship/mountain and be able to shot down on tanks, not able to drive up the ship/mountain, that are not able to shot back? I am not even going to talk about issue that tanks are fighting on ice...

Go back to the drawing table and PLEASE make this a game that is not all about playing mediums and russian tanks!!!!



EDIT: Just played Fishermans Bay. Went straight for the J-line. Crossed the road and turned left to H9 and made it into the city. I got hit 12 times by medium and light tanks and ended up on 1189/3000 in health. Is your idea that I need to go to the K-line to get to the city?

This post is just a cry for help. I just want to know what you were thinking when you changed most of the maps. Was the slow tanks to powerful? Was there to many people playing them? I just want an answer please?

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