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How not to scout - Do not make predictable move

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t1esla #1 Posted 07 August 2018 - 12:07 AM


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So I am playing on Malinovka with my STB-1 from north base. The game has already been going for a few minutes and I see the enemy scout rush the second usual spot most mediums and lights use when being aggressive at D6. I test whether the light tank is in the bush at D6 or not by slightly poking the bush at C5. I get spotted. So I am sure the scout is in that bush. So I ask for some blind fire in to that bush but no one does it. So I make my way up the hill and I get spotted again. This confirmed my doubt that the scout is in that very bush. So I blind fire into the bush a few times from A6/7 area as it is the only counter without getting shot back from campers at F7 and viola. Scout dead as he only had hp left to take 2 shots. We lose the game and bla bla. 


The scout messages me saying something in his language and copy pastes what the support page says when you submit a ticket. I am like okay, I will post the replay and make a forum post to see whether I made an educated guess or not and whether other players can also make the same guess. But he already blacklisted me by then. I fired roughly 4-5 times into that bush and he thinks I did not miss at all and all my shots hit him. Anyway, here is the replay http://wotreplays.eu...ka-t1esla-stb-1 and I hope light tank players might learn a few things here.



1. 'if you see a gun or two pointing in your direction, it is likely they might fire in your direction or you are spotted'.

2. 'if someone is blind firing in your direction and you are one shot, get out of there'. Better to stay alive and spot later in the game than to die there and then trying to be rambo.

3. Do not make predictable moves. Watch the replay to understand what I mean by predictable moves. Players can make educated guesses as to which bush you might be in if they only get spotted from a certain direction.


Feel Free to add more tips as these are just some of the basic ones to know.


Also, ignore me getting shot in the back of my tank by a jgpz e100 in the end as that was obviously my biggest mistake of the game :P I was 50/50 whether to go for him or not. 


PS: Not sure why the replay got removed. Anyhow, the tips are still here for others to learn :)


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