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Barracks problems

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DariusDax #1 Posted 07 August 2018 - 12:44 PM


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can someone tell me why i dont have any free space for 







and for england too...

sometimes i have but sometimes i dont...

idk what is the problem

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Geno1isme #2 Posted 07 August 2018 - 12:47 PM


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Barrack space is shared across all nations, just like garage slots. And apparently your barracks are full.

Homer_J #3 Posted 07 August 2018 - 12:49 PM

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All those event crews get stuck in the barracks, even if you don't have space.  So eventually you end up with more crew in there than bunks.


Just go through and sack anyone who isn't at least 100% major qualification, if you still don't have space then sack any with less than one full skill.

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Balc0ra #4 Posted 07 August 2018 - 04:27 PM

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First off the barracks is shared between all nations. So the free slots up in the right corner is the same for everyone. You are on zero atm. So you have all your 53 bunks in use. 


Check your filters on the left side and set it for all nations and all tank types instead. Then see what you have. Tanks for events you got on a rental like the FL tanks or even rampage or the wheeled WWI event etc get temporary slots if your barracks are full. So check for those. If you move one out of a temp slot, it will be removed. So you can't put him back in until you have free slots. Thus why you feel you have room for some, but not for others. So free up any old crew you have from events. And you should be fine. 


We have gotten Foch B crews, 50B, T110E5, IS-7. I'm sure there are a few T-62A crews. We got IS-6 and T32 crews from FL etc. If you don't use them, and they are for a nation you have zero plans to play atm. Dump them. 


If you have low tier gift tanks you never play. Put them in there to make room if you have some for that nation. No need to retain etc to store them there for now. 

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DariusDax #5 Posted 07 August 2018 - 04:40 PM


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ty so much :) it works 

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