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Forgotten tanks needs improving

improve Forgotten tanks Buff

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Roppe01 #1 Posted 07 August 2018 - 05:43 PM


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Hello, I am wondering if you have forgotten old tanks when your putting out so many new tech trees and stuff i every patch nowadays, could you some patch just buff already existing tanks rather then add new ones and make players forget the old ones. I would love to see you make the stb-1 and 121, as an example, because those tanks i would love to play more but now its not so enjoyable much worse than other tanks.

What I would change on them? On the STB-1 i would make the gun slightly more accurate or alternatively reduce the aim-time, the 121 in my opinion just needs some more armor to be able to play like its supposed to play. These are just small changes, but i wish that you could do something for the tanks so they would be more popular and enjoyable tanks to play whit.

But, what ever you change on the tanks do not change the dpm because that's the biggest reason why i ones bought the tanks when i love high dpm. 


Leave comment if you got something to add or other forgotten tanks that needs to get improved:)



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