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Looking for a clan // Havent played for 2 years

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46xv3dsf4vf4vfd724vx270y #1 Posted 12 August 2018 - 03:27 PM


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At first i would like to say that iam not a new player to this game. My first account got deleted 2 years ago because i decided to quit.

However new graphic engine and plenty of new content lured me back to this game so i began anew.

Iam looking for a clan that is really, but i mean really active in tier VI or VIII strongholds. I dont really care about casual clan wars (that means if you really need to fill the spot before CW i will join but if there will be enough people i wont come)

I have also decided to not grind any tanks from scratch, as you can see from my "Stats", i dont like it and so far i got plenty of money to spent and it fits me.

What should i say about myself? Well, iam not good player, honestly iam pretty average. Sometimes i fail, sometimes i wont. Iam friendly but i really hate arrogance.

Am I active? Well, if possible yes but iam working on shifts ( that means 1 week of night shift , 1 week of morning shift and 1 week of afternoon one) and that is making my activity bit difficult if there are some daily requirements.


Well, lets hope i will find some good clan for myself.

PS: Haters about some rerolling or something there are two words for you: "[edited]you"

Forkoff2 #2 Posted 12 August 2018 - 11:16 PM


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Hello if you’re still looking for a clan we would very much like to hear from you. We are an active UK clan  with 98 members in main clan all 18+ that takes part in organized battle’s nights, although we take our battles serious we also have a lot fun.  come try us out see if we are for you :) .

Our Teamspeak address is: vs27.tserverhq.com:6022

Password: bulldogs

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olarica01 #3 Posted 13 August 2018 - 12:55 AM


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Added you as a friend, messaging is buggy so not sure if you got it or not!

Outfielder #4 Posted 14 August 2018 - 06:13 AM


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PM sent

Tiger_Snake #5 Posted 14 August 2018 - 06:20 AM

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Will add you as friend in game and message you when you on line :popcorn:

sandra1966 #6 Posted 14 August 2018 - 11:33 AM

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Hello and welcome to WILD_ACE$.


We are a newly formed English speaking Clan looking for new players.



Our requirements for membership are simple.

We would like you to have a good general understanding of the game,

and possess a good sense of humour.

A fun relaxed personality is far more important to us than 'Stats'.


The only other requirement we insist upon is that you possess at least one 

Tier 6 tank.

Whilst we are a new Clan, we are active in 'Skirmishes' and are actively

working towards Tier 8 and 10 battles and 'Advances'.



Please feel free to drop in for a chat.

Our TeamSpeak details are:

Password: JOKER


sandra1966 (Commander)

nutsnbolts (Deputy Commander)

pimp316 (Deputy Commander)

Rampy (Deputy Commander)

Hammer45 (Field Commander)

Growler_72 (Combat Officer)

Dentrippelx (Recruitment Officer)

Helmetfire (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer)

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