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Things are changing... to the better

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Furlock #1 Posted 13 August 2018 - 05:38 AM

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Hi Wargaming!


This one is - in constrast to so many other messages I've sent - to let you know that the changes implemented are improving my player's experience. Specially the last two months are really interesting.


- MM -

MM still lacks of the ideal solution, no doubts. Nonetheless, nearly an 80 percent of the matches I've played in the last 60 + days are more intense. Independent from losing or winning, they contained very interesting situations that had never come up before. All in all, it is in randoms where I now find the beginning of the intensity of the game I always wished. Well done, but keep going.


- RNG -

As with MM, RNG could well be improved, specially regarding tanks with a very slow reload. It has become slightly better, though.


- Cheaters -

This looks to me as the most improved part in the last 60 days. I now rarely encounter aimbots or similar.


There are some more points, but these here are the basics. All in all, I have more fun playing, and I stopped fearing that this would suddenly finish the next hour, then day, then days, or weeks.


So, whatever you have done or introduced, it is working for me.


Thanks a lot!


Kindest regards,





(Stopping to invert Maslov's pyramid of needs and wants is a long process. As far as I have understood your way to greedy philosophy, you should center your attention in the middle of the pyramid to turn it into another direction. This can be done without any monetary changes, but will take more time. Hope your economists will see their changes applied reflected in my humble opinion.)

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