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[ALLGE] - Georgians seeking *active* players.

ALLGE Georgians SH Tier_8_and_10 CW

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lnfernaI #1 Posted 14 August 2018 - 02:56 PM


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Our requirements (or what they used to be):

At least 1700 WN8,positive WR (i.e. not <51%)


We speak: English,Russian and Georgian. (I personally don't,speak Georgian)


The clan is in a rather desperate situation,as we need players for CW and,mostly,SH Skirmishes and Advances. If you have the requirements just apply,and you will most likely be accepted. Clan has a relatively powerful stronghold that we can benefit from,but simply lack the players to get the Ind.Res for.


Loyalty and coordinated play are very strong within our ranks,and we respect those who keep them real. The strongest requirement would be activity;if we hopefully get alot of players, we want them to stay as long as possible,as alot of people that have left have struggled to keep a steady mind of whether or not to stay here.


I have personally stayed in the clan for a very long time; despite the fact that I don't speak Georgian,I can coordinate English speakers.

Regardless,you will always be welcome here. 



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