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Hunting for a clan

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enemy_the #1 Posted 24 August 2018 - 08:02 PM


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I'm a new player (2 months or so) and am looking to learn.  Have tanks by work (not gold) at: T VII (1), V (3), IV (1), III (1), a combo of light (the VII), mediums and heavies in the Russian, German, English, French and Swedish trees in a little under 2000 games.


I've getting the hang of WoT, want to learn more, am a native English speaker, over 18 (and some), have a discord account, can do teamspeak etc. etc..


I'm done with the early learning and want to play with a team which supports itself by the leaders leading and the learners learning.  I hope this will enhance my game joy and play with me contributing to the team and learning from the leaders.


Any clan interested in learners who have put in the initial effort?




xBart95 #2 Posted 24 August 2018 - 08:50 PM


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BC28 would be perfect for you, we like to learn and platoon almost every evening!


Send me, prenderb or talalash an in game chat if you'd like to join!


Appel001 #3 Posted 24 August 2018 - 10:08 PM

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Try playing tier 1-2-3 a bit more mate. Try to understand the game basics, maybe watch a few video's online on spotting, side scraping and view range. We all have been there. For a clan I would recommend finding a nice bunch of people that are willing to teach you a few tricks. Nothing for clanwars or strongholds yet... But just understand the game and progress slowly. Most of us made the mistake in wanting a high tier tank, but honestly its better to play your first 3-4k battles up to tier 6 max, then slowly progress to tier 8 ;)


EDIT: BC28 could be a good start I suppose

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