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chat errors in game

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Tha_Truth #1 Posted 24 August 2018 - 10:54 PM


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Just like chat errors in world of warplanes.


For many days now, chat fails again in battle. Sometimes it works after some minuits, Often it does not work at all.

Changing options has no effect.

Starting without mods, or with mods,  no effect.


Wargaming, since the new game engine it all looks great, but its a community game, with constant chat issues. Fix the chat permanently please. In all your games.

Work it out.


NekoPuffer_PPP #2 Posted 24 August 2018 - 11:04 PM

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I haven't had chat issues in donkey's years...


...well, mid-battle at least :unsure: the clan chat does like to freeze every so often. :sceptic:

SuedKAT #3 Posted 25 August 2018 - 12:35 AM

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Yeah I also have chat issues, for me the only thing that seems to work all the time is clan chat and our "custom" Dinger channel, everything else works when ever it feels like it. PM's is a nightmare, at times messages don't get sent, other times the message get sent/received multiple times, in-game chat works most of the time but now and again I get a battle in which either I can't post anything, not even the default WoT commands like "Reloading" or "Defend Base" but everyone else can chat just fine, or a battle when chat is totally dead. The battles in which the chat is entirely dead almost always also include a CTD as soon as the loading is done, I see my tank for a brief moment and then crash, due to my hardware I get back in long before the countdown have finished, heck most of the time before it's even started, but it's annoying nonetheless, not to mention to get the chat to work again I once again need to restart the client. Most evenings however everything works as it should, but I know that if it happens once it's gone happen a lot of times during that play session. This have been going on for a while now, but only recently I noticed that they now have a nice little error message to accompany it:


I got the same behavior on 3 separate machines, all have the latest drivers, win updates, WG app data cleared, no mods running. All devices such as routers and modems are up to date and while checking for any connection issues at the time of the CTD or when ever I have chat issues there is no issues what so ever, when checking the python.log it informs me that the application was shutdown and then started again, no error message, no warning, no nothing. Ohh and for good measure I also cleaned the internals from dust, not that it should effect the chat, heck most of what I've tried shouldn't but then again this is WoT, developed by WG, logic don't apply.


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