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Another XP Value Q

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TungstenHitman #1 Posted 25 August 2018 - 11:23 PM


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Hi again,


Ok so, just a few questions in regards to how XP is distributed and valued,


1. BLIND SHOTS - So you pen unseen targets camping bush etc, does that give the same xp value as it does if you had spotted that target?


2. TRACKING A TARGET SOMEONE ELSE SPOTS - What sort of XP do you get for tracking a tank that you didn't spot when that same tank you tracked gets wrecked by other teammates shooting it?


3. Double TRACKED - What sort of XP do you get when another player tracks a tank initially, but then you track him again at the other side before he repairs the first set of tracks initially caused by another teammate, and that target gets wrecked. Do you get anything for tracking an already tracked target from the other side, different tracks?


4. WHEN TARGET GOES UNSPOTTED - Ever notice when you spot a target but it runs away or whatever and disappears again? Yet, if your teammates shoot that target you STILL get spotting damage for some reason. Anyway, is that spotting damage the same value as it would if you were actually still spotting that tank?

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There's some more XP Q and A btw, I just can't think of em all yet

AliceUnchained #2 Posted 26 August 2018 - 11:26 AM


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Alright here goes:


1.) You get the full XP for the damage inflicted, as if you were spotting the target yourself.


2.) & 3.)  You get 50% XP of the total for any damage inflicted on spotted targets by others. How much the % is for tracking I do not know, but you can know for sure if you've been awarded XP as you will be credited with assisted damage through tracking then. No assisted damage credited, no XP awarded.


4.) Yes, it would be the same to the best of my knowledge. But I do not know for how long after you will still be credited with the assisted damage. In other words, how many seconds until we move to the situation as described in 1.)

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