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WZ-111 into Alpine Tiger swap , Why & problems ?

Alpine Tiger WZ-111 Skin

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X_Warlock_X #1 Posted 28 August 2018 - 05:27 AM


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I know that it is kind offer given by WG to existing WZ-111 owners ,

and i might be even criticised here, for putting this up in the 1st place..lol.


But What i don't understand is -


Why the existing owners of plain WZ-111 are given an offer to swap it for WZ-111 Alpine Tiger for free ?


Although, they didn't pay for the exclusive skin tank.

& Honestly, while some things should rather be kept exclusive.

And if those who would still want to buy the exclusive, can just pay the lil amount in full or on top for skin only.


Otherwise , you would just end up seeing them everywhere.

and it also reduces the value & the worth of the item, when it becomes so common.


Nevermind, even if we let this go.


so, Right now -


it's like if you bought a Normal plain WZ-111 , then you bought that only (problem is - you don't 've Alpine skin).

while if you bought a Alpine Tiger WZ-111 , then you bought that (problem is - you can't put other camos).


Also, WG doesn't let us swap -

T26E5 for T26E5 Patriot

AMX Mle. 49 for AMX Mle. 49 Liberty

and so on.


and even if they allow it to exchange, that is for Gold.




Alternatively WG could rather put Skins on sale.


like WG you could've rather just put the Alpine Skin on sale.


so, still that way the players could just pay some euros for the skin only ,

just on top of their existing plain WZ-111

& That would've been in instant.


As i see , some players have yet still not got the tank swapped(even after writing to support).


Also , That way players can also remove the skin , when they want or feel to & put on some other camos of their likings.

Like may be putting Football camos on WZ-111 or the new Gamescom camo on WZ-111.


So, we would not always also have to see Alpines skins roaming in game all the time.


That would also keep some variety into game.

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mjs_89 #2 Posted 28 August 2018 - 06:57 AM

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WG is actually switching to selling new tier 8s with special skins instead of selling 2 versions of the same tank, the reason why they didn't do it with the Alpine Tiger is that it actually is an older vehicle, it just wasn't available on EU before.

250swb #3 Posted 28 August 2018 - 08:11 AM

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View PostX_Warlock_X, on 28 August 2018 - 04:27 AM, said:


Why the existing owners of plain WZ-111 are given an offer to swap it for WZ-111 Alpine Tiger for free ?




It is to do with marketing.


You can swap one way only, you can't swap an 'Alpine Tiger' for the ordinary WZ-111. So what happens is people swap their perfectly good WZ-111 to the AP for the lols, then discover it is ugly as feck. But they can't swap back, so the only resort is to buy the WZ-111 again. So everybody wins, WG gets more money, and the player learns a valuable lesson. What's not to like?

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