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Thoughts on returning to game after 18 months

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sabresteel #1 Posted 05 September 2018 - 08:12 AM

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Been done to death am sure.


But as I don't leave game for 18 months and return every day I thought I'd record and maybe someone from WG might read.


1) Genuinely the maps are getting dumbed down to a ridiculous degree, "go here and exchange shots". The new rocks mean large parts of map are off limit and many opportunities to work around an enemy (hard or soft cover) removed. I know WG are trying to make it easier for the bulk of their clients to not alienate customers... But even if you aren't very good just rinsing and repeating and not having options quickly gets dull. Game will become all about micro managing shot timing, fire focus, weakspots, armour angling. Very little for wider map positioning and strategy. Real shame :( 

2) Armour and heavy meta really is in your face... Again that seems pretty one dimensional. High tiers seem disgusting.

3) Arty rng is worst rng. I don't mind damage and pen rng. Those i take a calculated risk in an engagement. Sure a 90% pen that bounces is a little frustrating but not game breaking. A completely different game mode with minimal overlap except to add huge rng and wreck a game a couple of times a session out of the blue with nothing for me to learn (in almost all arty rngs I come away reflecting I'd do same again), with pen and damage rng I often reflect I got greedy / gambled badly.. Why keep arty this long as it damages the game? I know they are talking about another rework... But I just can't believe it is still here.


Other than that am happy to be back, tanks are wonderfully done, love being back with my clan and good community. Graphics are nice, new game modes sound interesting (when will frontline be back?) Bonds look pretty well implemented. Putting aside the armour / heavy meta the new tanks look interesting and aesthetically fit.


So overall happy... just wish above 3 points would be tackled.

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wsatnutter #2 Posted 05 September 2018 - 08:55 AM

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welcome back m8 see you in the forumites channel

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