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Public Test - Map Changes

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Kandly #1 Posted 13 September 2018 - 06:00 PM


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Here's some info on several upcoming Map changes!
The point of interest where the encounter of two teams takes place will be improved with balanced positions for each team. In previous versions, the map only provided a concealed fire position for the bottom team. The new map version will fix this: both top and bottom teams will now be able to take advantage of these positions. This improvement is not supposed to affect the balance significantly; it will simply provide equal chances to each team in a particular map area.
Here, the improvements are aimed at fixing an old issue: the advantageous position of the top team. Currently, it provides a more effective firing direction. This time, a complex approach will be used to fix the issue: both teams will be provided with equal opportunities to use the positions next to the small town—they will both be able to successfully fight for this position and fire at enemy vehicles after capturing it. In addition to that, the bottom team will be provided with improved defensive positions near the bases.
In this regard, five new improvements will be introduced:
  • The position of the driveway buildings to the radial street will be changed. First of all, this will provide the bottom team with more balanced firing directions within the square area; in addition, it will be easier for mobile vehicles to reach this street from the landscape area.
  • In the outskirts area, near the bottom base, there will be a reduction in the number of buildings that provide fire cover in the city center. This will allow for supporting the allied vehicles that fight against the enemy vehicles in the area of the small town. Also, a wider firing sector will provide more defense opportunities, in case the battle for the small city is lost and the enemy vehicles are about to attack the top base.
  • There will be changes to the terrain heights in the area of the small town for the bottom base. Now, the bottom team will be able to use the advantage of terrain irregularities.
The changes will result in the following:
  • Improved positions for tank destroyers that will help them become more effective due to a widened firing sector.
  • The respawn positions of mobile vehicles of the bottom team will become more advantageous for taking control over the small city area.
Sand River:
The second team will have improved defensive positions. Now, there will be an option to take the rocky area position to the right of the base circle. In addition to this, it will be easier to fight against enemy vehicles in the ravine that is mainly used by heavy tanks.
Selective improvements for the western base bush in the C1 sector will be implemented.
General changes to the map terrain will be made. In its previous version, the map was slightly sloped towards the bottom base, which slightly affected the balance in battles. Due to this, the top team used to be at a disadvantage: when driving up almost any hill, a vehicle appeared in a much wider sector of fire than the vehicles of the bottom team in the same area.
In addition, a number of positions will be balanced for both teams:
C8: this bunker will become more effective for defense and for supporting allied vehicles that fight for control over bocage terrains: 001.jpg, 002.jpg


C9: this spot will become more effective for firing as the top team 003.jpg, 004.jpg
А0: this improvement is similar to one mentioned above. These positions will allow for more effective support of allied vehicles when fighting for the hills in the center area (bocage terrains). 005.jpg, 006.jpg


The hills between bocage terrains on the right flank will become more balanced for both teams in terms of their height. Sectors Е0-F0. 007.jpg, 008.jpg


Symmetric improvements to the edges of the central bocage for both teams (sectors F, E8) will be introduced.
Top: 009.jpg, 010.jpg


Bottom: 011.jpg, 012.jpg


Balance improvements to pillars in the central map area: now the pillars will be equally effective for both teams.
Sector E2: 013.jpg, 014.jpg


Sector F, E 4: 015.jpg, 016.jpg

Geordiedonkey #2 Posted 14 September 2018 - 04:48 PM


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Thing is how many games 'till you get on a "New" map?

TheArk_2014 #3 Posted 14 September 2018 - 04:55 PM


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Any new map is welcomed ... and the return of (fixed) old maps.


PLZ, return the Dragon Ridge map too.

Cobra6 #4 Posted 15 September 2018 - 08:33 AM

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I don't know, I see a whole lot of "mirroring" going on which means fights will quickly become stale slug-fests with tanks sitting statically opposite each other slinging lead around instead of the more dynamic movement we have got going on now.


I guess we'll see in the long run but on none of these maps I really felt at a disadvantage from *any* side, you just have to read the battle and know good map positions for both sides.


The last changes I saw for Ruinberg for instance made it a whole lot worse for both teams removing a ton of cover around the field area (making that flank more useless) in a bid to artificially draw more of the fight towards the city. These kinds of changes only benefit heavy tanks and really, we already have more than enough bonuses for that class in terms of map design and vehicle balancing. We don't need to add general gameplay to that mix as well.


Cobra 6

Hellraiser0201 #5 Posted 15 September 2018 - 08:47 AM

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Nothing about Fjords and Erlenberg ??? I guess these maps are perfectly fine :facepalm:

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