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YOLO-THON... again. Can't you show some respect for us?

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_PAIN_KILLER_ #1 Posted 16 September 2018 - 02:24 PM


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it seems wot is on a race to make a fool of itself


after some other bot marathons, what idea came to like in their minds?

it's like this: "let's throw in something worthless (pixel tanks), let the stupids run the rat race for it"

good marketing move for them pockets, murderous idea for the game, players.


the game, above all its faults, turned into a yolo rush to farm as much XP as possible, even more unplayable... to the bottom tier (like 90% of the games), a waste of time, as he cannot spot (there are hi tier scouts in the game that outrange him) , nor he can kill (even the same tier, cause wot's idea of "fun" is to bounce, miss or critical s'hit  your targets shot after shot, and no chance to pen 2 tiers above)... unplayable.


thank you wot, for nothing.


I fdon't even tell my friends what game I play, I'm afraid one will pick it up and then shame me till kingdom come for all these little "jokes" ...


13:28 Added after 3 minutes
forgot to add: I barelly do 20K XP in like 5 hours play... if their minds were set to "reward" my play with some pixel tank, they thought it wrong...I'm not in the winners boat.

Rvirgo #2 Posted 16 September 2018 - 03:48 PM


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Thread closed due to being non-constructive. You can write in: 

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