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World of Tanks 2019 - Community Development Wishlist

2019 wishlist development

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Cheezix #241 Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:16 AM

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No idea where else I should post this idea, because I can't find any category to talk about the premium shop.

Maybe an idea to create a subforum for that so people can post their wishes and ideas on how to improve it? Or tell me where it is hidden?


Dear WG, I wonder if you have ever thought of the following idea, which results in making more money and making customers happy at the same time.


Looking at the offers in the premium shop: a number of potentially paying customers choose to NOT buy most of your bundles, mainly because of two reasons:


  1. Bundle too expensive for how much they'd like to spend on their hobby.
  2. Bundle containing one or more items they don't prefer to buy.


What if you create bundles with an option menu inside? Lets say, the bundle price is fixed at €30, but customers have a few options to choose from:

Choice 1: 3000 gold + 2,500,000 credits + T7 Combat Car or T-45 or T1E6 or Light Mk. VIC or L-60 or Tetrarch or Type 97 Te-Ke or etc.

Choice 2: 4000 gold + 1,000,000 credits + T7 Combat Car or T-45 or T1E6 or Light Mk. VIC or L-60 or Tetrarch or Type 97 Te-Ke

Choice 3: 5000 gold + 0 credits + T7 Combat Car or T-45 or T1E6 or Light Mk. VIC or L-60 or Tetrarch or Type 97 Te-Ke



I think this is way better than bundles such as the one below with fixed choices which many players would never buy. 

Because for example why spend real money on cheap credits or why buy a bundle with a tank you already own?


Currently in the shop:


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Generalisator #242 Posted 09 June 2019 - 07:22 PM


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Well undo most changes since, well at least, ~2014?

To name a few:

VK28.01 (105 gun),

Marder II () a usefull gun,

Arty overall,

VK36.01H (make it medium again, with engine, Konische gun).

Spotting range changes,


Team-Battels vanilla.!!


Proper sized maps of +2km shooting! range....

Armour calculation (i.e. Hiting 3 Plates, front+side+top and still penetration? 200+80+x)

Tank accessories, like track parts as additional amour. Historical correct...

Rendering distance, shame. REMOVE IT.

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LordMuffin #243 Posted 09 June 2019 - 10:22 PM

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Removal of arty.
A balanced T10.
Nerf of premium tanks.
Making of good maps (Redshire for example).

To bad nothing of that will happen.

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