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Gonzy_heybrother #1 Posted 29 September 2018 - 08:12 PM


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-Now or never-  Clan of new creation, want to be and international clan, we speak English, we do not ask for a high level nevertheless

 medium, we intend to create a clan to learn and enjoy the game, looking for people who want to learn to play as a team and do not mind suffering a bit.
Recruitment parameters:
+1800/2000 wn8 recent 53% recent WR
Tier VI (at least 2) T-34-85M, Type 64, Pudel, Vk 30
CW TIER X (at least 2) Maus or Type5, 5A, 113,277, S.conqueror, IS-7, 140, 430u, 907, BC, Strv, 268 4, t100-lt
CW TIER VIII (at least 2) IS-3, DEFENDER, Caernavoon AX, Patriot, Progetto 46, Skorpion G, Charrioter, m41 90 GF, WZ-132
If you do not meet any of the conditions we will study the case
For recruitment talk to Jaimeta, and Gonzy_heybrother
If you want a clan with desire to improve and good roy this is your clan. Cheer up without you we are nothing

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