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mikeknispel #1 Posted 08 October 2018 - 02:57 PM


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WOT-UNI2 is a clan dedicated to helping members improve their gameplay. The clan is keen for members to participate together and we do that by requiring members to be in Teamspeak whenever they are in World of Tanks. We've found that chatting to each other is key in fostering team work and this pays off when we play in Platoon or in Team Battles which we play at Tier 8. Just like a real world military unit we perform better when teamed with people we know.


Clan members benefit from regular training sessions and we are developing plans for more detail-specific sessions based on playing different types of tanks, platoon tactics, game tactics and essentials like use of equipment, settings and skills.


We are part of a family of wot-uni clans and we can move around within the overall group to have access to a wide pool of friends with whom to play. Beginners and experienced players alike are very welcome and we encourage an interchange of information to help all improve.


For wot-uni 2 we require you to be able to communicate in English, be on teamspeak and have Tier 6 and Tier 8 tanks. Our preferred tanks for Team Battles are the Cromwell and the IS-3.


If this sounds like a clan you would be comfortable in please come to our overall clans welcome lobby on Teamspeak and ask to speak to a member of wot-uni 2.

We look forward to seeing you.

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