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IS6 and KV5

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Schepel #1 Posted 11 October 2018 - 11:26 PM


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Took both of my old Russian friends out for some extended love. I am a tomato in disguise, but my experience my be of some value.


KV-5: standard pen buff means you can finally make money again. However, it should have gotten a serious APCR pen buff as well. As things stand, you get 90% games with 5x T9. There is just no way you can deal with a combination of regular T8 heavies and T9 tanks on top. The rare game where you get to be top tier, the KV-5 is still not the beast it used to be. The increase in high pen td's is really noticeable. Especially the Skorpion proved to be the bane of my old, beloved tank.


IS-6: a completely different story. Two replays: http://wotreplays.eu...es-schepel-is-6 and http://wotreplays.eu...sk-schepel-is-6 Both games I initially just sat and tried to take as much punishment as possible. Right now, it does a better job bouncing than the KV-5. The regular pen increase meant that I was earning a lot more credits than I used to, because AP is very much feasible again. Had a few bad games in between, but those were mostly down to my own lack of skill / patience and some spectacularly bad teams. Apart from the above 'great' (really: lucky AF) games, I had quite a few decent games. Far more than the KV-5 because the IS-6 is a bit more versatile and can be played in a heavium role, unlike the KV-5.


I have yet to take out my other PMM tanks, but for now I really hope WG delivers on the promise of a better MM. I want to be able to enjoy my KV-5 again.

Balc0ra #2 Posted 12 October 2018 - 01:28 AM

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Only tested the Alpine Tiger "WZ-111" and the SP. Alpine is rather good as the gold pen is 250. But with the new AP pen, it trolls it a bit less vs equal tier HT's. But it's still lacking vs VK 100.01 etc.


SP pen was never my main beef with it. And giving it 202 pen kinda contradicts what they said in the update video, about not making them stronger vs +2 MM tanks. But now it has the highest tier 8 US med pen. And the 10mm extra is something you notice. Tho for all I know 202 could be the new tier 8 US med norm for the rest later. That and the extra engine power was nice going out of base etc. Can't really complain about that tank now. 

JocMeister #3 Posted 12 October 2018 - 05:09 AM


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Played some IS6 and 112 yesterday. They have both benefited a lot from the buffs and are very much playable now. Spershing is stupid good now.


Personally after 1 day of playing I actually enjoy my PMM tanks again. Especially happy about the IS6 being playable again as I love that tank! 

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