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Bulgarian tank - Panzer IV w/ 76mm gun

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RadioFighterYR #1 Posted 28 October 2018 - 08:57 PM


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Best picture of the tank that I could find.


Actual ingame name: Maybach T4/76 (combination of the Bulgarian designation of the Pz.Kpfw. IV - T4 and the 76mm ZiS-3 from a SU-76 tank destroyer)



Tier: III


Crew: 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver, radioman)


Cost: 900 gold

Health pool: 285

Weight: 25/28 t



Engine power: 300 hp

Speed limit: 40/20 km/h

Traverse: 35 degrees per second

Specific power: 12,00 hp/t

Ground resistance: 1,30 (hard), 1,85 (medium), 3,10 (soft)



Hull front/side/rear: 80/30/20 mm

Turret front/side/rear: 25/30/30 mm



Shell types: AP/HEAT/HE

Shell cost AP/HEAT/HE: 56/2800/56

Alpha damage AP/HEAT/HE: 110/110/156

Penetration AP/HEAT/HE: 78/100/65

Rate of fire: 14 rounds per minute (4.3 sec reload time) with 100% crew

Theoretical DPM AP/HEAT/HE: 1540/1540/2184

Accuracy: 0,45 with 100% crew

Aim time: 3,1 sec. with 100% crew

Turret traverse: 40 degrees/sec. with 100% crew

Firing arc: 360 degrees

Vertical guidance: -5/+15

Ammo capacity: 70 rounds


Note that the HEAT shell is historical and not fictional; the BK-354 was developed for the ZiS-3Sh after WW2.



Chance of fire if engine is damaged: 20%

View range: 330m

Signal range: 310m



  • Decent health pool (285)
  • Great frontal hull armor for tier (80mm)
  • The gun is the point of the tank; usually 75mm/76mm guns at tier III are howitzers, while these kind of guns are usually found on tank destroyers.
  • 78mm of penetration is more than enough to go through even the heavily armored Frenchies at the low tiers with massive reliability.
  • Decent maximum speed, although it can't really reach it and rear speed is also very good.
  • Despite the great (front) armor for its tier, the tank is still much more mobile than the French armor of the low tiers.
  • HE rounds have 65mm penetration. Derped yet?


  • Mobility is the worst out of all Panzer IV variants; terrain resistances are worse than most tanks in the game and do not compensate for the weak specific power ratio.
  • The front armor usually holds up only against tier 3 guns reliably; everything with over 80mm pen will decimate it unless angled due to the flatness.
  • Angling isn't too much of an option either because of the 30mm side armor being mostly very weak
  • Turret is a massive weakspot; in fact, the front turret is thinner than the sides because they were mostly carved out in order to fit this gun, however gun mantlet could be somewhat strong.
  • Gun's drawbacks are the horrendous accuracy (0,45) and aimtime (3,1 sec), as well as the relatively poor HEAT ammo (100mm penetration), however the HE derp with 65mm pen compensates for that.


Basically you should brawl with your direct front exposed and turret angled at 45 degrees, the gun can go through everything at its tier (eliminating all the baguettes that think they are fat to take the gun) or blasting them with derp HE. The mobility is poor, but it is still a sports car compared to the Frenchies.





RadioFighterYR #2 Posted 02 November 2018 - 06:42 PM


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IshtrinkShitaShuda #3 Posted 03 November 2018 - 02:08 AM


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