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Request Advances to be extended by 1 hour

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Spaz #1 Posted 02 November 2018 - 12:08 AM


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Sry I hope this is the right area to post in.


I am requesting if possible that clan advances be extended by 1 hour. At the moment, 8pm (GMT) is the last time we can play advance. Most of our clan are still on at this time, and it is sad that we can't play another one.


Even if you live in CET timezone, the advances stop at 10pm. If we can extend the time by one hour, everyone can play advances until 11pm CET. I think this is fair. During weekdays people have work in the morning but most people don't got to bed at 10pm, they go at 11pm+


I think that it would be more fun for whole community if advances can be extended by one hour... at the moment we can only play maximum 3 advances per day (if you have 0 CW, which most people don't) and this is quite sad when you are in active clan and have to stop playing at 9pm.


Since game change from T10 skirmish 15 ppl -> 10 ppl, advances are the only time you can have full tactical battle against stronk same level clan. It is highlight of the night for me and many other players.


Thanks for listening, and pls no bulli if this is wrong place to post :(




-    Spaz[MEME]

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