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Need Help Teamspeak 3 integration WG Api

Teamspeak WG Api WG TS Teamspeak 3 Clan

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VOJIOCATOE_4YDO_C_IIEPOM #1 Posted 09 November 2018 - 04:12 PM


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Hello, I need help in the implementation of the script.
It is necessary to make the display of the clan information in the teamspeak server


This information should display clan information.



there is such a working script on the RU region, but its developer refuses to give information about how it is built




Clan IS ● players in clan٠96

WG Rating٠16 ● Wins٠55.17%

Elo GM X٠1415 ● Elo Stronghold X٠1429

──── Tenth Season In GM ────

Battle٠462 ● Wins٠65.15%

Position٠35 ● Vinners Point٠84045

∇∇∇ The nearest battles of the clan ٠1 ∇∇∇

21:00 ٠Prochorovka ٠[-CLT-]٠Saarbrucken٠⓶




I need to find a system that will display this.

I have a micro system which is based on Sinusbot


But I need to make it an extended version, can anyone have such a system that is already implemented?



I need a system through which this can be realized, a question on api partial
because the data from it we know how to take
but how to install them we do not know

13:27 Added after 2 minutes

this script works well on the server
adress Teamspeak 





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