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M41 90m Improvement Tips

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Adidewitt #1 Posted 14 November 2018 - 07:03 AM


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Hi guys


Hope you're having a good time. I would like to ask for your advices on how can I improve my performance with this tank. I'm not by any means a great player but I try to play the objective and support the team as much as possible. When playing my LTs I have no problem on try to adapt to the situation being scouting passively or charging aggresively to provide vision to my teammates. I have overall average winrates and stats in my LTs but is my performance with this 1 tank that keeps me frustrating. I have it with 4 female crew members with camouflage, recon and situational awareness, also I'm using coated optics, gun rammer and vents along with chocolate to extend the camo and view range to its max, finally I've been using gasoline to give it a little more of mobility although I recently went back to repair and med kits.


By no means is this tank the cause of my problems, in fact I belive I may be overkilling it with its configuration, neither I blame the MM, we all have those games where you feel that you did everything ok yet your teammates seemed to be unable to support you and you end up loosing. But achieving only 43% WR after 350+ battles is worrying me, what am I failing to do that keeps me away from improving my WR in this one tank?


I have uploaded all the replays that I have on this tank into OneDrive and my WN8 stats can be found here

If you guys could provide me some feedback or advices that would be highly appreciated.

geoff99 #2 Posted 04 March 2019 - 02:27 PM

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Hi Adidewitt


I can't access your Onedrive. Normally people save replays to http://wotreplays.eu/. I'd be happy to check out a few of your games (some good, some bad) if you uploaded them. I'm not the best player but I have been playing for years and will be able to give some general pointers.


Note that the M4190 is a difficult tank to play. Its big and paper and not as agile as the other lights. So you can't really active scout or take aggressive positions. It plays best as a flanker and mobile support early and mid game and is very effective at tidying up late game with its DPM, especially if you can penetrate with the HE round.


I see that you also have the LT-432. That is a much better tank and I suggest you concentrate on learning how to play that first before the M4190. I used to play my M4190 to grind credits but haven't touched it since I got the LT before Christmas. I could look at some LT replays also if you want.


Note that light tanks are difficult to play. They generally have little armour and meh guns, so you have to choose your opponents wisely and only strike when you know it will be good for you. They are agile, fast and have good camo, so they are great for spotting and relocating to support your team. However that requires good game awareness (what is happening right now across the whole map), map knowledge (where should I go next, what do I need to worry about) and game flow (given how the game is going now, what is likely to happen next and how can I position myself to make the best of it).

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