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Favourite SPG`s

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General_Krexx #1 Posted 18 November 2018 - 12:37 AM


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Had a few beers so its best I don't play so thought I would pick the

top 3 SPG`s that I enjoy playing and reasons why.


In first place, the American  tier 6 M44 is easily my favourite, its got good speed, gun arc and ROF, you can actually play a big part in the game.

Number 2, difficult one this,  British Bishop or FV304. I`ll go for the tier 6  FV304 its got speed, excellent accuracy and ROF, its been nerfed badly over recent times but is still enjoyable to play.

Number 3, I don't like playing top tier SPG`s, I feel that they have been pretty much ruined by the changes but I do like the autoloader of the tier 10 French BatChat 155 58, you do pin [edited]damage to most tanks but its ability to get from one side of the map to another and its excellent accuracy make it enjoyable to play, for me anyway.

Honourable mention goes to the tier 7 S51, not a great fan of Russian SPG`s, the SU-122A being arguably the worst SPG in the game ! But another forum member posted saying using the 152mm gun made this SPG more fun to play and it does, low damage but just short of 3 shots a minute is great, funnily enough you don't really notice the narrow cone of fire so much !


Please comment on whether you agree or disagree with my choice and tell other forum members what you enjoy playing.

Time for another beer


Darth_Clicker #2 Posted 18 November 2018 - 06:39 AM

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your choices and reasons are definitely valid.  It is very hard for me to pick my 3 favorites as I have many more than 3 that I really enjoy playing for different reasons. 

If you look strictly at battle count, my top 3 most played are:

G.W. E100:     3906 battles

LeFH18B2:     3403 battles

G.W. Panther  3042 battles


The reasons for those high battle counts are probably a bit deceiving, especially for the Leffy and the G.W. Panther.  The Leffy has been played a lot because it is a premium arty and generates a lot of credits and is helpful in crew training, not because it is the most fun to play.  So, yes it is a favorite....but not a favorite strictly from a fun sense.  The G.W. Panther is definitely fun to play in my opinion, but it has a high battle count partly due to the fact that the German line was my first arty line and one that I basically focused on until I reached tier X.


So...long story just to get to here:  Currently I suppose my favorite artys to play would be'


G.W. E100.  I like playing high tiers because the battles are less frustrating to me than lower tiers. More experienced/serious players than lower tiers.  The G.W. is really good at everything, not the best at a lot, but definitely not the worst at anything.  It is just a really solid arty at tier X.  Mr. Dependable of sorts.

M44:  For the same reasons as you mentioned above, plus I would add credit earning.  It is really good at earning credits as it has cheap ammo.

SU-14-2:  has a great gun at tier VIII and I have a 55% win rate after 1856 battles in it....I do well in it for some reason and therefore I have good battles more than not and that is what makes a game fun.  I can't tell you why I have such a high win rate in it and only a 52% win rate in the next best tier VIII (M43 with 2573 battles and GW Tiger P with 967 battles), but I have 3% more fun in the SU-14-2...:izmena:    It does have a really nice gun and has been known to bounce some shells from time to time.  


My honorable mentions would be a long list.  I ground all lines to tier X long ago and have owned every arty (except for the S-51 and the Sexton I).  I have 54436 battles at the time of this writing and have basically settled on the artys which are permanent in my garage.  I really like them all for different reasons and they are all my "favorites"


Here is my carousel:

Posted Image


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Laatikkomafia #3 Posted 18 November 2018 - 11:47 AM

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Orkbert #4 Posted 18 November 2018 - 08:41 PM


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View PostGeneral_Krexx, on 18 November 2018 - 12:37 AM, said:


Please comment on whether you agree or disagree with my choice and tell other forum members what you enjoy playing.

Time for another beer


There is nothing to disagree with; if those are the three SPGs that you currently enjoy the most, then that's it.


As for my three currently most enjoyed SPGs:



As my most played SPG and still in my garage I guess it has to be among my top 3 arties (even though its original three-skill crew was transferred into my Jagdpanther and the replacement is not at the skill level of their predecessors yet)

Its reload time is not too slow, alpha damage is still sufficient and even with penetration halved it occasionally whacks the odd victim for full damage. Plus it ballistic arc is among the steeper ones, so it is still not too shabby if it gets a citymap. Some might  deem its 800m range a disadvantage, but tbh you usually notice that on a 1000x1000m map and just a little moving (which any SPG should do anyways every now and then) will solve the issue.



Who doesn't like the arty positioning game? ... Ah, well, actually many players don't like the Bishop. The combination of short range, slow speed, small horizontal gun traverse and incredibly bad camouflage values is somewhat underwhelming so they tend to avoid it, and granted, even with advanced minimap reading the Bishop often can't escape when a flank falls (I once managed to outrun an AT2 but that's about the limit of its capabilities)

But in return you get the shell arc of doom and you can even attack the enemy tanks when they are in the garage! ... OK, that was a lie, but when you perma-track someone to death it certainly feels for them as if they were already in the garage and still get shot at.



Actually I first sold that one when I had unlocked the Grille and only with the introduction of the Stun mechanics I re-bought it. Now the stun itself is very unreliable below tierV arties due to game mechanics but you play the StumpanzerII for the 6m splash radius, which is devastating in the lower tiers. Plus even with the penetration nerf 35mm is still good enough for many tanks in that tier bracket, especially if you hit a turret roof or engine deck, which with its reasonably high ballistic arc is not extraordinarily rare.


A just like Darth Clicker my honorable mentions would bloat up the post, so I guess i won't (for now)


baribal_80 #5 Posted 19 November 2018 - 01:43 PM

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Jahpero #6 Posted 20 November 2018 - 12:16 PM


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Hello everyone, 

This thread has been cleaned. 

Have a good day.

Orkbert #7 Posted 23 November 2018 - 09:09 PM


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I guess I'll do a few honorable mentions after all, but I will only do so for some of the SPGs that have left my garage.


Birch Gun

Currently my second most played SPG with exactly 1000 battles. I raised two crews on it (and they now do very well on the vehicles I have them transferred to) but then I grew a bit tired of it. Add to that that it pays dearly for its 'turret' by having a rather wimpy gun and said turret isn't much of a bonus to start with.

Raising a third crew seemed now a bit of a hassle to me and I already had managed to get a Kamikaze and a Bombard medal with it, so I decided to bring up the battle count to a round number and then quit it.



Again a SPG with a rather weak gun but it was kinda fun annoying tierV tanks, even though you could have many zero damage hits (which in turn made the occasional penetration for 175 damage all the more delectable)

But when WG changed the MM and tierIII no longer sees tierV my raison d'etre for playing it was lost, and alongside many other tierIII tanks I sold it.



Originally one of my first 'keeper' arties I decided to sell it when they removed the old Province map in September 2015. But even if I haven't played it for more than three years now it is still my fourth most played artillery. It has gotten the stun mechanism now and with a 6m splash radius on a tierIII chassis it is probably quite a beast now and with a bit of luck it could one-shot tierII victims/tanks from full health with a nearby splash only, although I can't confirm that personally since the MM limitation that made me sell the T18 also stops me from re-purchasing the Bison.

But to everyone who decides to come to the dark side of clicking and wants to start up from the bottom I heartily recommend giving it a try. Its 600m range needs getting used to but that is also a great way to learn the arty positioning game early on (and all the other 'drawbacks' can be turned into strengths if applied correctly)

Technically some kind of mini-Bishop whose reloads take twice as long but you get to be two tiers lower and have a mega-splash of doom.

Is currently my only tank with which I have gotten the Fadin medal.

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