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Kauvana #121 Posted 21 December 2018 - 03:00 PM


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Reached tier X festive atmosphere today with shards to spare, so I unlocked last year's Soviet and Chinese camo sets as well! Really happy, and not a penny spent.

Currently working on buying the decorations for the 2018 Traditional collection. It's more cost effective than generating 2019 decorations...

DSdive #122 Posted 21 December 2018 - 05:36 PM


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The amount of doublets that drops from crates earned in games... really cheap WG... tier 4 randomly appears, but most often tier 1 doublets..

yodelihiti #123 Posted 21 December 2018 - 06:10 PM


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From all small crates, so around 100, 3 contained a tier V

RedAlarm #124 Posted 07 January 2019 - 05:03 PM


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anyone here fill up at least one collection without spending money? is it even possible to reach atmosphere lvl X without spend money?

Cheezix #125 Posted 07 January 2019 - 08:21 PM

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This is getting really annoying! WG give us more missions for boxes or how should I complete my collections?


I can get all available missions for one day in about 5 or 6 battles. This gives me 11 small boxes resulting in around 1200 shards when I break them. Every time I finally collected 1440 for crafting a level 5 item I get one I already have. This means I will never complete even 1 collection from this year unless I spend even more real money on large boxes. And I already got 44 large boxes (including gifts from others), so this is really insane! So only people who buy 50 boxes of each style will be able to complete any collections...........?!?!


At least give repeatable missions next year so we can collect more boxes when we play more than 5 battles a day!

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ibrox3 #126 Posted 07 January 2019 - 08:45 PM

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I have done all the missions so far - except 1 of the finish first missions - so have collected 99% of available boxes.

I reached Tier X festive atmosphere with some crafting random 5's but for over a week have not seen a Tier5 deco in any box.

I know it was running at around 1 % Tier V's but it is less than that now.


I still need 64 out of 313 decos including 45 Tier V ones


I will do some crafting on the last day - but cannot see any more than one album / camo obtained and even that will have to be lucky on the doubles....

ibrox3 #127 Posted 11 January 2019 - 12:22 AM

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Update - have now done the rest of the dailys and half of the final weekly missions.

I received 1 Tier V deco yesterday - I already had it !

So around 1 in 10 days

Clearly we are NOT supposed to get to any camos . full albums - so this event is purely to spend cash - or for us to get the camos during next year's event.


Lets see if we stick around that long....

Gremlin182 #128 Posted 11 January 2019 - 12:57 AM


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I bought boxes this year and I bought boxes last year

The year before that it was a little different and the boxes you could buy at the end of the event were ones guaranteed to have the decoration you needed.

Think that's right but its 3 years ago.


Camo patterns are just a bit of fun and really unimportant which makes it rather strange that they are the hardest or most time consuming to get.

Priority for me this as last year was get to festive level 10 asap get the crew and spend the month minting xp credits crew xp and free xp.


This year as last I bought 11 boxes last year I got a patriot this year nothing no tanks at all.

Did get enough decorations to go immediately to lvl 7 and get 2 crew members, playing games that day got me to lvl 8 and quite early on day 2 I was at level 10.

Could I do it without buying boxes, yes probably but by buying some gold I will use anyway I got to have the full bonus for around 30 days, doing it without spending cash I might get just a few days a week at best.

Spending maybe £20 benefited me greatly.


Next year if still playing ill probably do the same again.

TheArk_2014 #129 Posted 11 January 2019 - 10:02 AM


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The Holiday events are almost at the end ... time to prepare myself for the next Holiday events.


My new money box:



My previous money box:





PS: Oups, I think that I gave an idea to WG for the Wargaming Store.



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ibrox3 #130 Posted 14 January 2019 - 02:20 AM

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Well I bought zero boxes.

Did all the missions except 1 of the come top missions so I missed out on 6 small boxes.

Got the festive atmosphere to level X - that was good.

Got 3 of the albums to gain 50%

Then went back to finish last years collections as this was an efficient use of the shards.

In the end I had 24,000 shards left and got 286 out of 313 decos.

Managed 1 camo

I guess that is where WG imagined I would get and thought they might tempt me to spend.......


Sorry WG I used to pay for premium account but in your pursuit of cash (I know it is a business) driving more corridor maps for more heavies with more armour, totally nerfing the other classes, removing bushes and climbs, making arty ineffective giving heavies better view than lights and refusing to bring in a skill based MM - have left me still playing - but it is not the fun game I started playing. IF the original WOT with all those things in it was so bad - why was it so successful ? We used to get excited about new maps = going to the training room and learning the climbs - looking for decent spots - now we just dread new maps.


You may be making more money from less players - I get that , its all about the money not a game anymore - but that does not mean I want to contribute any more to the profit.

IF you go back to allowing us to play a game - not corralled down corridors to give the heavies some canon fodder I will think again and maybe even buy a loot box - but I very much doubt that will ever happen.....


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