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T-50-2 equipment.

t-50-2 t50-2 equipment light light tank soviet reward tank

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phixor #1 Posted 18 December 2018 - 03:37 PM


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Hello, fellow tankers,


I'm not a light tank maniac and I'm wondering what equipment should I be using on new T-50-2. I'm playing t92 and type 64 as well, and while I play t92 entirely passively (camo, vent, binos) I found out that type 64 has amazing dpm, so I spot with it along doing dmg from medium/short distance. Mostly I don't camp as type 64, I use optics, stabilizer and gunrammer on it. And what bothers me is the fact that t-50-2 has better accuracy than type (while moving) and better accuracy on turret traverse. It also has better power/weight ratio and worse view range, so I thought it actually may be good idea to go for active spotting/dealing dmg and pick appropriate equipment for this purpose. What do you guys recommend? Should it be played more camp-like or such active t-50-2 playstyle may work? Bad thing I've noticed is that vert stabilizer is not avaiable for t-50-2, while still it is not a thing that would make me stop thinking about going for it anyway, especially compared to other facts and this tank "racial predispositions" (it's reload time, shell velocity, short view range, good engine power, good accuracy while moving, fast turret traverse, possibility of blocking some hits, etc.).

So far I've been playing semi passively with gunrammer, camo and binos, but I'm thinking about such combo: gunrammer, vent, optics (was also thinking about gun laying drive, but since it would be constantly in motion, there is no point to reduce process that is not even going to start as long as it's moving). Also my experience from playing t92 is that taking good passive spot prevents me from shoting (and it seems most of t92 players can't shot much in battles, assuming they want good spot dmg, as 370 avg dmg per battle was enough to gain that 65% dmg badge on it), else I would easily got spotted and fragged, but on this tank I would love to use it's dpm.


Looking forward for light tank freaks answers :P

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PeaceWalker1 #2 Posted 18 December 2018 - 04:13 PM

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I play my beloved T-50-2 with a Gun rammer, vents and coated optics. I use it to scout actively and harass enemies towards the end of the game. Usually i wont deal much damage, but do quite some scout damage.

Lokik #3 Posted 28 December 2018 - 09:10 PM


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Yeah I went with rammer, vents and optics as well. Consumables are small repair kit, small med kit and automatic extinguishers. After 131 games I have 759 avg dmg and 497 avg assisted dmg, which has been enough for 2 gun marks. I play mine rather aggressively whenever possible, which might explain why I have more dmg than assisted dmg in it. All in all, this is probably my favorite gift tank to play with.

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