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Looking for a clan.

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Daanzka_DaGod #1 Posted 28 December 2018 - 02:17 AM


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Im looking for a clan obviously, Im a relatively new player on the EU with just under 3k games, i do have about 14k games on the NA server (IGN: kiska1997)


Too some/alot of people they will see me as a failed reroll or just a reroll, idc about that honestly, i switched to EU because of the better ping and more activity.


Just looking for a chill clan right now since im just grinding tier 10s and tanks, so i dont have alot to compete with in terms of clan wars, even though i do have experience from NA.


tier 10s = Cent AX, OBJ 430U.


Languages i speak: Danish (native) English(Fluently).


kind regards:


A_GIO_Rob #2 Posted 28 December 2018 - 09:56 AM


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If you have a good sense of humour and enjoy friendly banter in an adult setting, and want to learn more about the game, then Bulldogs 2 would like to hear from you.

We are an active, (24h) mature (relatively) UK based development clan who regularly take part in organised team battles at Tiers 6 and 8, to help our progression towards Tier 10 and the main Bulldogs Clan! With plenty of members willing to share there knowledge and give advice where wanted we are an ideal group to help you progress to the top tiers! Although we all take our battles seriously enough to win them, we also like to have fun while doing it.

RaxipIx #3 Posted 28 December 2018 - 09:57 AM

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Can join the dongers, we don't care about stats to be honest. But most of us are  between 53-60 WR . We do play TB's weekly if you enjoy those.


lotusblossom #4 Posted 28 December 2018 - 11:42 AM


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brt_6 is recruiting. We are an active English speaking clan which takes part in skirmish and clan wars most days. We share our teamspeak channel with our sister clans meaning lots of opportunity to play platoon games or just chat.


check out our recruitment page


or clan page


for details

contact Lotusblossom in game or in forum,

alternatively you can also join our discord channel for recruitment https://discord.gg/37JBYSE 

Barmingmag #5 Posted 28 December 2018 - 06:36 PM


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Hi! I've sent you a PM. Cheers!

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