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Best tank for money & xp maker (and having a little bit of fun)?

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stratonofficial #1 Posted 29 December 2018 - 01:16 AM


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Good day everybody!

I have available for researching these tanks: M8A1, T1 Heavy and Pz. IV H (tier V tank).


Which one do you recommend me to buy? And if you can give me some pros and cons for everyone that would be amazing! Thank you very much! Kinda forgot this game. Didn’t play it for 2 years and I also played diffrent lines of tanks.


Thank you! Have a good day!

kaneloon #2 Posted 29 December 2018 - 03:24 AM


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You forgot an arty in your list ...

More seriously it's difficult to give you hints as they have very different gameplay.

Money is more a question of doing good games or not.

KleinerTiger #3 Posted 29 December 2018 - 03:36 AM

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Tanks also differ by their credit multiplier. As far as I know, the standard tank with the highest credit multiplier is the BDR G1B.


Of the tanks you listed, iirc the Pz IV H with the derp gun makes the most money. However, the M8A1 leads to the T67 and that may be the single most powerful tier 5 tank in the game -- if you know how to use it. 

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