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Why cant wg change the customization for special camo tanks


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kimking #1 Posted 30 December 2018 - 08:06 PM


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I really want to put some decals on my pz58 mutz. Just to make it look more ''mine''/diffrent from other. Since every other tier8 premium tanks can put so decals on them why cant special camo tanks do the same? Tanks like the defender and the black editions (T34 B, IS6 B) are also unable to put decals on them. Its not like i want to put emblems or camo all i want is to be able to put decals on my pz58 mutz. Pretty much all i want to do is to put some claw marks on the front haul and the engine deck. They should make this possible in my opinion. Sure they sould make it so that u cant cover up the special places of the tank. Like the sides of the pz58 mutz. Special style of a bear on both sides. They could make it so that its not possible to cover that. Like other tanks u can put decals on the front of the haul and also on the engine deck. 


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