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Need help with Obj 705A...

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the_fighting_manic #1 Posted 03 January 2019 - 01:04 PM


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So I've had the obj 705A for around one day now, and noticed that the ammo rack is stupidly weak/badly positioned or hitbox is too large or something. It's ridiculous, my ammo rack got damaged by tier 8 artillery for goodness sake, whereas i have never even been ammoracked in my jg pz. WG, could you please fix this? I know that its hardly a bug, but sidescraping perfectly only to get hit by HE and sustaining ammo rack damage frequently is getting tiring.


I've been ammoracked more in my few battles in the 705A than i have throughout my entire time playing other tanks (which is still relatively few). I haven't yet trained safe stowage yet, but I will, though I do not know if this will improve the situation. Also wet ammo rack is not really worth swapping out rammer or stabiliser or such. 


If anybody has any experience with 705A with safe stowage, could you please say how it improved performance? Thank you.


*Side note* Is it me or is this tank more badly affected by HE than others?

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