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New maps suck

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Funk_Rat #1 Posted 04 January 2019 - 06:01 PM


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Don't really post much on here..figure it always falls on deaf ears with wargaming...Anyway been playing for 4 years...Just bored to hell with the maps currently up...always seems like it's the same maps over, and over and over, and the new maps...well, if that's the best wg can come up with, I won't be playing much longer. ...Can honestly say that great wall of china map just sucks from the bottom up...especially when ist East spawn..what is wrong with wargaming.. and who ever sanctioned that map needs blind folding and roped to a pole ready for a firing squad. Its just lame...My cat could come up with better maps .. And the maps always seem so repetitive. ... Just slowly getting bored as hell with them all...Minsk map also ...sucks...lame as hell...boring, and just to linear... Himmelsdorf just seems to never go away...bored shitless of the map and that hill...Ensk too...and quite a few others... and seriously wargaming... there should be a shed loads more maps playable than the repetitive crap that's there...at least 50 maps I think...it's groundhog day every game it seems... More maps and better maps please... as it stands...i click out those maps when they come up...I just cant be arsed to play them anymore... man down.. At least bring back South Coast.

Anyway, probably won't be arsed to read any replies..but feel free to throw your 10 Cents in...sure wg will just ignore you all anyway. 

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eekeeboo #2 Posted 04 January 2019 - 06:06 PM

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There are better ways to type this sort of message and paragraph. Please consider carefully your language used and the words that were chosen. Thank-you. 

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