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Making Reward Tanks Earn Premium (or increased) Credits

Credits Premium Reward

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Makroros_The_Arty_Magnet #1 Posted 05 January 2019 - 11:26 PM


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Just had an idea:


Introduction/Explaination of myself (for the sh^^ I've thrown at WG in most of my posts): I've been a long time fan of the game (i think my current acc backs to 2013 (or sth?) don't remember prev's acc's passwords, but they go to KV1's being KV2's also, as far as I can recall. Also, I've spillt (is that the correct word?) a sh%%ton of pure HATE at WG over time. Doesn't change the fact that they're the best F2P company in my opinion so far. It's because I love WG ideas is why i spill hatred towards them :P. And, justifiedly, WG is so successful for their overall F2P vs P2W approach. <3 U, therefore, F U for mistakes ;)


Recently, I've came to an idea, about WG making [reward tanks] from campaings make more credits as if they were actually premium tanks (or at least increased amount). Yes, I am a paying customer with no problem of chipping in for WG. Actually, I purchased many "paid" tanks (including buying Pz2J ... twice (you get gold for 2nd one, doh), and the "whatever its name fast amphibious curved tank with big searchlights is&quot;).
I just figured it would be an extremely nice gesture from WG to reward players with the reward tanks earning some more credits than a regular tanks (mind You, I only got to T55A, still missing the tier X, and I don't even own an Excallibur from the 2nd campaign, so its not a post for self "enrichment&quot;). If WG wouldn't allow for the premium earnings for reward tanks, at least make it earn 25% more credits (ff it, even 10% more), just to allow for the F2P players to progress, feel rewarded even further for that campaign tank. Not everyone is a good player and not everyone ever will become one, so, earning even their Stug IV's, for some, is, and will forever be, a great, trasured achievement. Now, once again, I, personally, am in no need of credits or gold myself, I just think it would level the game at least a bit for F2P players with me "P2W player" with constant prem acc. For people with the contrargument of people saying "oh, but that will cause more *noobs* at tier X's because now everyone will be able to earn their tier X's", I answer sincerely: do You really think there aren't enough of the F2P "noobs" who "paid" their way towards tier X's, not to mention tier VIII's prem tanks without any knowlede how to play? We already have it as it is :)
The most important thought behind this idea however, since WG is, at least in my humble opinion, the most successfull F2P game company is (Belarusian unknown firm that grew to multi-billion euro company, making a free game :) A dream come true ), that, showing such generosity and good will towards F2P players, and the entire gaming community as a whole, would create a great press coverage, endless gaming community contributors' endorsments (they would not shut up about how great WG is) towards WG, attracting many NEW players (who could become great WoT players in time), shaming the rest of the greedy game developers (as they shoud). In other words, WG could be "the better Men" than the other greedy companies, which, as time will show (it does already, Beth76, give me my $ back!), will fail and go bankrupt.
PS. Still, Pl tankline is rollercoaster-shitride compared to Ita and Swe. <3 WG

Gremlin182 #2 Posted 05 January 2019 - 11:42 PM


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Said this for some time reward tanks are generally tough to get you need skill and or a lot of time, Luck helps too.

The reward tanks up to tier 8 should certainly have at least lower repair costs and maybe better credit earning potential similar to premiums.

Not sure about the tier 9 and 10s there are no premiums at those tiers but again a bonus to earning and reduced repair costs would be good to see.

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