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Recommendations for Union 12 and 15

Exclibur union soviet russian personal missions

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Killa_Tomato #1 Posted 07 January 2019 - 09:58 AM


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place here your recommendations for RU vehicle for help completing the Union personal missions.........


most of the early ones are pretty straight forward grinders (damage, stun, etc), Union 12 is a bit tricky as it requires you to block 2x your HP, union 15 requires you get 5 first class or 3 Ace Tankers (aim for ace as you get x2 towards your primary objective every time you get an ACE).


so my own personal recommendation for union 12 is to use SU-100M1........ this bounces so easy when rocking to and fro on ridges......1700HP bounced and your done.....do this in 5 battles and it's job done.  To get honors you have to survive 4 games.......so just play more games and survive lol


for Union 15 i recommend the T-50-2 (if you have one) and/or my personal favorite boomer the SU-152 with top gun and play for your Ace Tanker........for every Ace you get you also complete x2 of the primary objective, so 3 ace tankers and you are golden, this will complete this set of missions with honors and give you an order which you could use on Bloc 14 which is another bounce 2x hp mission if you don't fancy grinding that out.


good luck, good shooting :great:




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Simeon85 #2 Posted 07 January 2019 - 10:18 AM


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Think I used the Defender for Union-12.


For 15 I am planning on just playing the game, I pick up aces reasonably regularly.


Basically I have worked on getting all the missions to mission 15, because all the mission 15s are basically done by having good games and I can just play normally. I'm 3 missions away from doing that, but I am not looking forward to Bloc-14, because that is like 6k blocking in the Maus multiple times. 

clixor #3 Posted 07 January 2019 - 10:20 AM

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My habit of selling tanks i grinded through is biting me in the butt with union 12. I realized i only have higher tier SOV tanks which makes this mission only harder :(. Grinding in the OBJ 263 though which, occasionaly, can bounce stuff. 1/4 now :(

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