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What my end goal (tier) should be as F2P acc?

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Ogi013 #1 Posted 07 January 2019 - 03:47 PM


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As newbie in WoT and totaly F2P account I want to ask is it worth it to go after tier X tanks or should my end goal be tier VII or VIII tanks  because of repair cost of tier X tanks,premium ammo,equipment,unlocking and researching and buying them,skill,etc.

eekeeboo #2 Posted 07 January 2019 - 03:53 PM

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As a free to play account, you should look to completing missions that provide freebies when available but having a stable variety of tanks also that will allow you to complete the various tasks in the personal missions too. Try to also complete the missions like that for the SU130 as well when possible. 


Otherwise, Tier 6/7 should be where you're looking to play most frequently to increase your credit base before moving to the higher and higher tiers. Where a stable income and collection of consumables and equipment will help play tier 9 and 10 with game knowledge more profitable. 

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rustysprite #3 Posted 07 January 2019 - 03:54 PM


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Your goal can be whatever you want it to be

It just may take longer to get there


F2P is totally possible, but things will of course take longer unless you can get some freebies

Free gold, prem tanks and much more are available if you know where to look... some twitch streamers give stuff away

There are also some events in WOT where you can win things or just get stuff in daily missions


So I would suggest setting a gole to get to tier 6, then review it



Homer_J #4 Posted 07 January 2019 - 04:32 PM

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I would not set a goal of tier X for any newbie at all.  Even if they intend to pay.


Aim for a few tier VI tanks then decide what you like playing.


But tier X is perfectly doable on free to play.  Especially with the extra credits and boosters we get these days.


At low tiers you won't be getting a lot of exp and credits on a normal battle but don't worry they earning increase after a few tiers then exp levels off and credit profit starts to drop.

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Jigabachi #5 Posted 07 January 2019 - 05:19 PM

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Your goal should be collecting some tanks you enjoy, the tier is irrelevant and just rushing up the tiers just for the sake of... something(?)... is pretty dumb.

Take your time, learn to play and try to have some fun. Whether that is in a little tIV tank or in a huge tX tank entirely depends on your personal preference.

RockyRoller #6 Posted 08 January 2019 - 12:38 AM

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end game is open ended as its just having a good contest regardless of tier for the casual player.


for the amateur and professional contestant it will be all about winning the contests, and then you must play the tier WG sets the contest for



So I'd say try everything on offer as your end goal

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Kothaar #7 Posted 08 January 2019 - 01:17 AM

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Game (mostly) gets the more difficult the higher tier vehicle you have. So it is your choice to choose the challenge you like. Most players discover tanks they especially like and play those more than others, disregarding tier.

WOT used to be much more difficult for free to play accounts, since many high tier tanks required enormous amount of credits to repair and replenish ammunition. For example a single battle in a T-54 could cost more than 50 000 credits. Not so any more today. Still, getting enough credits to buy the tier X requires a serious amount of grinding with a free to play account.

I have opened every tank from every nation in the game but only bought two tier X's, one of them the British medium solely in order to take part in the old marathon to get the FV4202 premium. Sold the tier X immediately after completing the marathon. It simply did not offer enough new experience over the lower tier mediums, while being more difficult to play.

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AzoreanOutkast #8 Posted 08 January 2019 - 06:05 PM

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In a totally F2P use of this game i would say no further than tier 5 or 6, been the first the one that really is duable in the current meta/economy that the game has.


But limit is only set by u, no one other, but the higher u go, the more expensive it becomes to continue to play, so beware, cause u may find the hard way that for each lets say 1 tier 10 battle u do u need to do 5 or 6 in the lower tiers to keep the balance on the green.

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