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Looking for advice

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MikeBrin #1 Posted 08 January 2019 - 04:51 PM


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Bit of a noob here,

I would like to ask people for any advice in regards to making myself a better player. It seems recently I have been losing quite a few matches while only doing average amounts of damage. Some of these losses seem unavoidable but it still makes me take a deep breath.

Do I need to try different tanks? (I'm very much a noob with heavies) And my preferred playstyle is fast mediums.

Any advice is good advice thanks.


AzoreanOutkast #2 Posted 08 January 2019 - 05:33 PM

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Well i would say we need alot more info on your playstyle and what u got in garage as well as the tanks u use, type of gun u preffer, etc, to really be able to help u out.


But u did mention u like more the mediums, especially the fast ones...

And that is in the ball park of what i like, since im more of a medium tank player myself despite having a few heavies in the garage that i use too.


To tell u how to perform in a medium we need to pick on one type and go from there.


But i would say, with mediums is all about suporting rather than rushing or scouting, never be the 1st one to enter an area u dont know what is there, go behind someone and when enemies are lide up, them u enter the frey or leave, since there is no shame in not engaging on a losing situation and go elsewhere on the map to find a more fair fight, many ppl arent able to do that and die fast.

Suporting your teammates is the bet normally, find always cover when in a medium if u can and dont expose yourself too much, head out, fire, back to cover as u reload, if u can rush in on a heavy and get on its side or rear, do it, but u need to make sure no one has a shot on u, or if he is alone, or u are just suiciding.

MikeBrin #3 Posted 08 January 2019 - 06:24 PM


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I have decent stats in the Cromwell b 3 marks and comet 2 marks
they are my best wn8 rated tanks and consistently do over 1.5k damage with the Cromwell plus spotting and 2k with the comet. It also seems a lot of times I get caught out of position by someone who suicide rushes my tank. I'm fairly used to the centurion and it's premium counterpart.

Somnorila #4 Posted 11 January 2019 - 02:31 PM


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The game is highly focused on randomness. You got RNG, you got MM, you got people.

I'm a long time gamer. And in every multiplayer game i have played i never found myself as the weakest link. Not from the start i mean. Games are more or less similar, mainly from the aspect of being intuitive somehow. So even if i get somewhat fast to be decent i don't increase too much either.

What i feel that the my steps in getting better were:

Playing a lot, learning from mistakes. -steady low contribution but important to play and have fun.

Knowledge from forums, wiki, videos. -low contribution but important to play and have fun.

Playing in clans with better player, participating in team related activities. -high contribution, not so fun, time consuming.

Learning take things slow, watch surrounding, minimap, micropauses before most actions such firing or deciding next action. -high contribution, difficult to grasp specially if goes against own personality.




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