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WarGaming please.....

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AlwaysLate #1 Posted 17 January 2019 - 04:48 AM


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Please take a look at the mauerbrecher this tank is not balanced this tank is underpowered it has less armor than tanks that are twice as fast like defender or 50 tp prototyp while having the same or a worse gun how is that possible have you ever looked at its armor model and its weak spots now imagine facing tier 10 gold spammer with this thing 80% of the times because "they thought you were a maus haha lol " and dont tell me to angel my armor or sidescarpe with extreme angels this is not 2013 this is 2019 almost every buddy  knows when to shot and when not to plus for some reason this tank cant take he shells what so ever i got hit for over 680 damage by tier 8 artys, japanese derp guns damaged me for over 400 damage so many times, this tank is a complete joke we dont want defender 2.0 we just want something which is fun to play. its armor is trash for its mobility its gun is not that special less pen than defender, slower shells, less dpm than prototyp whats so special about this tank and why would someone play it apart from crew training please do something about this thing 

PabloGee #2 Posted 17 January 2019 - 04:54 AM


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no WAY ! 

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