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Old fellow -MM guy looking for a shout

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NakedPassenger #1 Posted 18 January 2019 - 10:35 AM

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I dunno if I really want a change or so. 

But I really enjoy that Teamplay modes like skirmish, cw and stuff. and campaign is coming up. So let's try.


So if there is any space for a guy who sometimes was around a bunch of hungry baba baboooons (I guess some might still know the -MM bunch)

I would like to participate a bit in the campaign, but I will be gone for three months after the 28th of January. And I will not cry around for getting the tonk.

so don't come around with a I did not tell you. I also have stuff to prepare for this travel. Because reasons 


If anyone is interested, I've lead most of my team battle games, I'm a bit rosty I guess but I can unburden the other "click mep" guys during the campaign. 

Because I burnt out very hard during my last campaign I played, so maybe I can ease the burden somewhere else. But that is a maybe offer, when I like the lot, or already know some.

I dunno if people from back then say, that I am a decent fc or not, but I shout loud enough so ppl sometimes listen to me.

I also definitely know, that if I lose and you are the last tonk alive, you are definitely at fault. Because you did not push/shield/drink enough during that specific game. Totally. Especially when you are a drunken brit.

I can also yolo in every piece of water on the map, especially when not told to do so.


Can insult people fluently in english, german, spanish, chinese, french and semi fluently in most other languages.


If I find your clan sexually arousing and mindly attractive, I will come around. But please spare me any Copy Pasta, I will not talk with you.

Also if your message might contain the words: hazelnut, beach and transport safety. In a clever way to prove you actually read what I wrote and that you are not a bot and I might care a bit more.


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nutters123 #2 Posted 18 January 2019 - 06:16 PM

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