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Just a curious little thing about styles..

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Desyatnik_Pansy #1 Posted 22 January 2019 - 02:53 AM


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So with 1.4, they'll be an additional style option for every nation called the "Made in X" style; basically just a permanent selection of camos unlike the temporary Rental styles you can purchase for 100 Battles. However, strictly for the Polish vehicles, the "Made in Poland" style offers a unique inscription (I think Swedish vehicles also use a unique inscription according to the guy who pointed this out to me; every other nation to my knowledge uses decals or inscriptions you can normally apply otherwise) but more interestingly uses camouflages from different nations. Using the 60TP Below to show this:



The winter white scheme is the British one, albeit not that that's really that significantly unique to the other winter white schemes such as the French or German. It is different from the single winter camo the Polish tanks actually get, which is what matters. The summer camo is also British, and the desert camo is German. Just in case you're unfamiliar with them on their respective nations:




I just thought this was a neat little detail. For Polish vehicles which only have one unique camouflage each, I do like seeing them with different nation camos, though that might just be me and my interest in doing such (prior to 1.0 Which screwed it over, I enjoyed switching different camos from nations onto others). Since the style system clearly allows it, it'd be awesome to see the idea of captured tank styles (Beutepanzers?); with an example of a T-34, repainting the base colour Panzergrau (though I guess for that we'd have to wait for Tier V Customisation), the Iron Cross on the side and using German camouflages. Shame such a thing probably won't actually happen, but one can hope right? :P

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