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low tier arty is utterly ridiculous

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Warpunk #1 Posted 24 January 2019 - 10:54 PM


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I am not joking, I have T-37, Sexton and wespe, game after game I am getting off 8 or 9 shots and they ALL miss,

Yes, I know my crews are low level, but seriously, am I expected to ace crews for tier 3 arties, to make them even slightly competitive?

This is utter garbage and is in no way even remotely fun, in fact it is soul destroying.


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Orkbert #2 Posted 25 January 2019 - 04:30 PM


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Well, most low tier SPGs got the short end of the stick when they reworked artillery: HE penetration halved, AP and Premium ammo options removed and no stun mechanics (and correspondingly no huge splash radius which is inherent to all SPGs that can stun).


Block Quote

 am I expected to ace crews for tier 3 arties, to make them even slightly competitive?


Nope, you are expected to grind as fast as you can to an SPG that has the stun mechanic.


OK, that was a bit of a bad joke, but yes, technically lowtier artillery needs good crews to get a somewhat satisfying performance, even they need at least a 75% crew, a bunch 50% mooks for free simply won't cut it even for them.


Fortunately you already made it to tier IV with both the American and the German SPG branches and both the M41 and the Grille will have the stun mechanics (and with it the HUUUGE splash radius) so things should look better then.


The British SPG branch however only get the stun mechanics at tierVII and Bishop and FV304 require very specialized gameplay so I can't quite recommend them for a casual or inexperienced player (although once you get the hang of it they can be very rewarding)




jack_timber #3 Posted 30 January 2019 - 11:03 AM

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Yes low tiers can be a pain but at least you get to grind your crew to a decent leval, you should be aiming, forgive the pun, at least 100% crew and a couple of skills/perks by the time you get to T6.

For myself have great fun with M44 and FV304, Fat Bert. Bert has to get close to the front to be effective, short firing range, but get behind a large rock or house and you can rain down shells at a surprisingly fast rate, every 6.5 seconds if I remember right, you can even fire shells where other arty can't. Downside is no stun and low damage roll but if you can keep a tank perma tracked then you can whittle down their health slowly.

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