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Quick Graphics Settings Guide for Laptops or mid-range PCs

laptop graphics settings guide optimization wot

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St0rm1941 #1 Posted 27 January 2019 - 01:41 PM


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Hi guys,


Since I did a search to find a graphics optimization guide for World of Tanks a while ago and couldn't really find anything up to date, I decided I should slap a quick post here, especially for the people that are new to this game or don't knpw how to tweak the game to run better.


Now, obviously there are a lot of different types of settings, depending on what platform you are playing on (OS, PC or laptop, hardware configuration, etc), but I'm going to be focusing on the optimum settings for laptops (Zenbook in my case) and mid-range PCs that have a similar configuration. The goal is to tweak the settings so you have the best possibly looking game with the highest framerate. Also, we're talking about Full HD gaming here, not 4k.

I'm not going to go over how many specific fps each setting gives or takes or go very into detail on technical aspects since this should be a quick settings guide and not an essay. I'm also not going to discuss any mods here, though they can impact your FPS significantly depending on the type.


First of all, I'm running an ultrabook with an i7-8750 processor, nVidia 1050-Ti graphics card, 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD, Windows 10 Pro as the OS.


Below are the graphics settings I currently use to play WoT on my laptop.



Now, here are a few example of the image quality I get using the above settings:



And here are screenshots from (mostly) the same positions using Ultra settings (completely maxed out with Terrain Tesselation and every single gimmick you could find in the graphics tab:



Obviously, when comparing these photos side-by-side, there are going to be visible differences, though not as huge as you'd expect. Some settings influence picture quality more than others, but the same is true for the FPS.


For example, dropping Antialising from Maximum to High will give you better FPS, but it's also going to give you a worse image overall as it impacts the edges quite a lot. However, taking them to Ultra doesn't nearly bring a proportional increase in quality, though it does hurt the FPS. The trick here is to find the "sweet spot" that gives the best image possible without much impact to the FPS. Another similar example would be Post Processing; you could ccompare two identical screenshots with Post Processing OFF versus Ultra and struggle to see any difference in image quality. But the FPS will drop by A LOT. How much, it really depends on your hardware specs and even driver versions. Vegetation Quality is somewhat similar. There is a visible difference, but only between Low and Ultra (anything in between I found to have little difference between them).


An example that is somewhat opposite to the two above would be in the case of the Terrain Quality and Grass Density settings. For the first, while medium Terrain Quality might look ok, upping this to High will give you a significant increase in look and won't drop your FPS too much. For the second, the difference between High (even Maximum) Grass Density and Ultra is again significant as it improves how the ground (which tends to cover a lot of the maps :P ;) looks all over. None of these impacted the FPS too much in my tests (maximum 2 to 5 FPS drop depending on map) but they both made the game look so much better.


For Draw Distance, I found anything above High doesn't really change anything (tested on most maps), but nor does it impact FPS that much (not over 2 FPS).

Settings that should be disabled are Enhanced Destruction Physics (you aren't doing to have the time to notice these in the heat of battle) and any effects in Sniper Mode (including grass which can hinder your aim). Foliage transparency can also hit your PC significantly in some builds or if your PC is on the low-end of specs.


Overall, with the above graphics settings enabled, I get an average of 82 FPS, tested across multiple maps. Maps with more vegeration and water (such as Serene Coast) will run slightly worse than maps with less of those, like desert and snow maps in general. But this is is still nearly double the FPS when compared to running on Ultra settings (42 FPS) and while you are in-game and not comparing photos side by side, you really won't notive much of a difference in image quality. For the average, casual gamer, I think anything above 70-80 FPS is more than enough, especially for those that have only a 60Hz refresh monitor. Your gave will run smoothly and your aim will be the best it can be.


Now, depending on your platform, you can tweak these settings even more. For example, if your FPS are still low or you have a 144Hz monitor and would like to go over 100 FPS, you could try lowering Texture Quality and Lighting Quality to Medium, Water Quality to High and even Grass Density to Maximum. You could also completely disable Extra Effects. This won't impact the image too much but will give you a decent amount of frames.


On the other side, if you are comfortable with anything above 60 FPS or you have a slightly better setup, you can easily up Object LOD and even Shadow Quality to Maximum, Extra Effects Quality to Medium or High for some better looking explosions and whatnot and even enable Terrain Tesselation which does make the ground look slightly more natural and less flat. These combined shouldn't eat more than 10-15 FPS on average, but they will improve the overall look and feel of the game.


I'd like to point out again that this is not an advanced guide for the ultra-experienced and tehnically inclined people that can (or want) to sqeeze the the last 0.01 FPS out of their game. Also, different hardware setups and operating systems can give significantly different results, depending on the level of divergence, so your mileage may vary.


If you'd like to see more comparisson screenshots, I've attached a few extra.



Anyway, hope this little guide helps some of you out there :great: Cheers!


P.S.: All the frame tests were done using FRAPS, across dozens of matches and maps.

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jack_timber #2 Posted 27 January 2019 - 06:47 PM


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Nice guide...

When I ran WoT on laptop, I7 + GTX 840m:(, I was forever trying to balance "looks" to FPS fortunately when 1.0 was launched it was time for something a little better, well it was a good enough argument for me.

Now run HD on max settings @ 105fps, the difference is like night and day.

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