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Feedback for Maps/Tanks in Random

Maps MM Tanks

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call_me_cubeNN #1 Posted 01 February 2019 - 03:51 PM


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Hey WG and Tankers,

a little Discussion about the Maps in the Game and your Opinion about them.


First of all, some Details. 

  • I like to 3 Mark Tanks
  • I really like CW and SH
  • I dont really like to grind

Some Time ago i choose to get the Leopard 1 and the STB-1. Back when the STB came into the Game he was really really good. But even kinda balanced with his tricky Gun.

On the other Hand there is the Leopard 1. I always just heard bad things about him. 

Now im on my Way to 3 Mark it. And while i play it i get Maps where i feel useless.


To Name some of them:

  • Erlenberg
  • Fjorde
  • Mountain Pass
  • Empires Boarder
  • Enks
  • Glacier

As u may notice WG 4 of thoose 6 where recently intreduced or changed.

I understand that its not possible to give every Tank a Position on a Map.

But lets talk a bit.

  1. Erlenberg
  • This Map used to be a camping Map with 3 ways to get other the River. 
  • Now u got more ways but a little City across the River.
  • On Both sides u got camping Position next to the Base and mostly open field between the two sides.

So tell me, if im neither a Heavy Tank nor an Arty, what shall i do? 

I cant play aggresive do to the camping positions. In the actuall MM with damn many Type 5 and FV TDs i even get balanced so hard for doing 1!!!! Mistake.

  • So i need to camp aswell, but im really bored to play.
  1. Fjords
  • So u got a Heavy Line and in the middle of the Map an useless open Field. 
  • As a Tank with Armor u can go into the Water or try to catch the Hill in the middle. 
  • Once again both sides got a line of bushes for the camping TDs.

This Map was terrible to play in CW or SH. So many Camps. But what was wrong in Randoms? U got a decent middle with bushes for light Tanks. U got a nice Heavyline no one was actually better neither the Side in the North nor the south. Most Tanks could play on this Map.

  1. Mountain Pass
  • I dont say its a really bad Map, but could somebody explain what a Leo 1 or STB can do on it? Or a TVP?
  • Tanks without armor have no way of getting into the side of Super HEavys or camping TDs. But u havent got that much Positions where u can use your Camo to shot something

I dont really have a Opinion what we could change on this Map, its just a Map where u are usefull as a tank who can bounce something or have a 183mm Gun ;)

  1. Empires Boarder
  • I really like the Map Design, but please tell me whats the Point of bringing in a Map who is mostly same as Mountain Pass.
  • U got 3 different Ways of moving on this Map, maybe 4.
  • There is the Heavy Meeting Point in one Corner, The Hill in the Middle. Both Sides got a TD Position in the Back.
  • Both Parts are well balanced in my point of view.
  • Now look to the other side of "The great Wall", u got a road with some rocks and bushes in the middle, u can play against the Hill, but just if the side with the castle (is it a castle?) is empty or your Team is there.

This Map is kinda good, but what is here with Lights or FVs? They cant stay on the TD Position do to there camo. Good players just play the Hill with Tanks like Leo 1 or TVP... Maybe think about remodaling the castle Side and the Road in the middle...

  1. Enks 
  • A 600x600m Map... well WG tell me why u didnt intreduced Provinz into the Game for T10 or Widepark?
  • Most Parts of the Game are for Heavys or Heavyly Armored TDs... u got a field with some OK bushes... But on a T10 Tank with 480m Viewrange the camo value drops really hard... its just useless to play this Map in Random. 
  1. Glacier
  • God Idea behind this Map but again wrong Mapdesign... 
  • If u play in the Middle the Arty will completly kill you.
  • TDs are camping in the backline and wait for your Mistake. 
  • Heavys who arent fast as 277 or 260 can get rekt from Tanks with Gun Depression in the middle while they try to cross.
  • U got a road on the outside. But just let stay there one 268 V4 and no Tank wants to push there....

So if i have luck i play here with Arty, fast Heavy or TD... i really have no Option to go forward in other Tanks.... but is this the right way? Maybe do it like on Fishermans Bay and get something in the way. Still enough idiots will cross on the open field...

Get some better Positions on the outside road. Otherwhise its completly useless...


Maybe im wrong but i think WG is doing some Things right, but still doing mistakes they shouldnt do anymore.

I did a year break do to Tanks like 268 V4 or Type 5 and some other Stuff, but i still like the Game... 


Give me Feedback if im right in my Opinion :)


Sorry for my bad English Kappa :harp:

shortfuse1418 #2 Posted 01 February 2019 - 06:20 PM


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How can you feel useless on glacier, its a good, pretty open map!


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XxKuzkina_MatxX #3 Posted 01 February 2019 - 06:59 PM


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View Postshortfuse1418, on 01 February 2019 - 07:20 PM, said:

How can you feel useless on glacier, its a good, pretty open map!



Yes it's a very good map IMO and a medium with some gun depression can do a lot from the middle ridge BUT i suspect he is can't use that efficiently because he's talking about 2 paper meds. Arty will penetrate for around 1k damage, you could also add the AMX 30 to the Leo and the STB.


@OP Yes some of the maps are pretty bad for those tanks YOU choose to play and you certainly don't need any advice about what to do in any map since you're doing pretty well on your own. Keep it up and good luck with your marks! :)

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