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How to install WoT without BitTorrent (without Game Center)

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Ambidextroid #1 Posted 06 February 2019 - 02:16 PM


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If you're on a Uni/work internet connection that blocks BitTorrent, it's impossible to update or install the game using the Game Center.

I've finally found a solution for anyone else in a similar situation:

First, download (or find on your computer) the newest version of the old WoT launcher. The name of the executable is "wot_internet_install_eu.exe" for the EU version, change "eu" to "na" for the NA version. You can probably find this online, here's where I got my EU version: http://originaldll.com/file/wot_internet_install_eu.exe/41311.html%C2%A0

Second, open "WoTLauncher.cfg" in your install folder and change




Finally, open the updater as an admin.

If this still gives you problems, download this update file and either HD or SD directly and put them in your "Updates" folder:

1.4 update: http://dl-wot-se.wargaming.net/eu/patches/wot_1.4.0.1133_eu/wot_1.4.0.19393_1.3.0.19362_client.wgpkg

SD: http://dl-wot-se.wargaming.net/eu/patches/wot_1.4.0.1133_eu/wot_1.4.0.19393_1.3.0.19341_sdcontent.wgpkg

HD: http://dl-wot-cdx.wargaming.net/eu/patches/wot_1.4.0.1133_eu/wot_1.4.0.19393_1.3.0.19305_hdcontent.wgpkg

Hope this helps someone!

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