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IS 1 and the new hunters on the battlefield

IS1 100mm wheeled french HE setup loadtime

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haldir72 #1 Posted 10 February 2019 - 01:29 PM


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The worst scenario for a HT, is to be cut in the open by a light tank, that is starting to perform the circle of death. and this only got worse after the arrival of the new French hunter (wheel tanks).

This made me reconsider the best setup for my IS. Is 122mm still the preferred setup for IS or is 100mm with an IS 85 turret a better option against the new threats?

The pen is equal for the 2 guns, and IS armor layout is negligible against gun stats in HT combat. Therefore it is only DPM against hit points in IS vs IS.

Face hugging head on, 122mm has a 5 sek. Lead against the 100mm to get the killer blow.

At ranged attack with full aim time, 122mm has increased its lead to 10 sek. For the killer blow. But each miss reduces the lead significantly, and 122mm is much more prone to miss than the 100mm.

At peek a boo the 100mm is more reliable and less efficient.

In HT combat, 122mm looks like a winner, with a relative small margin.


But in the endgames when your friends are dead, you have a much better chance in ranged combat at a running MT, to due improved aim time, dispersion and shell velocity, and the wheel tanks gets a nasty surprise when they realize that they can’t outrun your gun travers and HE has a nice and nasty effect on French wheels. Your load time also often surprise them because if you miss the first shot, they are often planning that they can pass you before you are reloaded, and then they get a butt surprise. J


I have had some interesting scenarios with my 100mm, where I would certainly have lost with my 122mm. and I never miss the 122mm to make the difference in the other games.

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