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[0.8.11 - 1.4.1] Replaysstat - several replays team statistics, replay manager

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G4cee #1 Posted 11 February 2019 - 01:05 PM


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Hello, guys.
Here's my program for team battle results collecting. It was made quite a long time ago for my clan's battles: once we awarded our best players, but manual exp count was too long and boring. So i made this program.
It allows you to view result of one (or many) battles, including exp, damage, assists of all player's team and total (or average) income, accuracy, penetrationsm etc. of the player. Also you can manage you replays, and add best to favorites.
Generally it looks like this:

replaysstat window


How to use:

You can add replays to program by Drag&Drop files to program window.

Depending on quantity of files you added you will see:



You can select replays folder from "Replay manager" page.

Columns might be sorted by any column.

You can add replay to "Favorites" (it is a subfolder in folder you chose).

Deleted replays are stored in your "Recylce Bin".




After processing several replays you will see (enemies are not displayed here):



Experience in cells is pure, without daily x2 or premium multipliers.

What does colors mean (they are orange here because red is moderator's color ;) )
    green - maximum value in team (max exp, max damage, etc);
    red - minimum value;
    green - player's tank survived;
    red - player's tank destroyed;


Also you can view battle detailed result by double click on top rows of battle results (blue), or sort columns by clicking on total/average values (purple):

You can enable collecting detailed results of several battles by checking "Collect all author's data" in options. Exp here is counted with all bonuses (daily x2, premium, etc):



Several battles results can be exported into HTML or EXCEL tables; they are stored in ReplaysStat folder.
Also you can enable export of enemies results by setting ExportAll=1 in tanks.ini. But be careful, it  may slow down processing.



If tanks are displayed as "Ch02_Type62" you should press "Update tanks titles" in Options.

Restrictions: you should not leave battle before it ends, because replay data won't be full.

Versions supported: 0.8.11 - 1.4.1 CT

If your replay won't work and you sure it is finished, upload file to http://wotreplays.eu/ as secret and send link to me.






Russian version:
ReplaysStat for World of Tanks


One engine detected this file





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G4cee #2 Posted 05 March 2019 - 08:10 PM


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2019.03.05 - Replays ver 1.4.1 tested


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