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Is fixing hardcamps actually pretty easy?

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Firefly__xD #1 Posted 12 February 2019 - 10:33 AM


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So people talk about which maps should be in CW and SH and which shouldn't. People talk about how <insert disease here> a particular map is and why it should be excluded.


But does anyone think of how maps that are currently regarded as the worst can be changed into better maps with very minimal and simple changes? 


Let's use Mountain Pass as an example:



What is your biggest fear for this map?


hrthrt (1).png

Like... even if you can break it... it's still extremely annoying and boring. 





hqdefault.jpg 980x.png







We can put maps back into the rotations this way and have a more diverse experience!



Silas001 #2 Posted 12 February 2019 - 01:06 PM


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What Im saying for years. The cap gives you an alternative way of winning the game or at least forcing the enemy into engaging in a battle on hopefully your terms.


Putting the cap in the base with very limited access eliminates that option. You would have to destroy the main force of camping enemies before you could cap. A good example for well-situated cap is Himmelsdorf (at least in the South).

There is access to the cap from multiple directions and the church in the cap provides good cover to approach the cap and not get rekt by enemies sitting on the other side.

Camping is still possible in this situation, but the camper would have to decide to either split their forces and cover all entrances to the cap or keep the tanks together on one side making it a lot easier to approach the cap and create a zone of cross-fire to protect the tanks capping (usually hugging the church).


Mountain Pass is overall a badly designed map, but moving the cap circles out of those completely isolated areas would definetely help. However it doesnt mean camping is completely eliminated of course.


Btw. during the campaign I got to like Empires Border. Side 1 (the defending side - North) is pretty easy to dig out but if say in landings your opponent on side 2 decides to hard camp in its base it is absolutely impossible to do anything about it. It is extremely hard to get any spots into the base and both entrances to the base areas lead to open spaces with almost no cover. I have found no way of digging that out. So applying the same solution here moving the Cap out to east of the Wall would help a lot.

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Kabine10_JesusWasDrunk #3 Posted 12 February 2019 - 07:40 PM

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nononononoo, the casual players will cry if they need to move away from spawn with their type5heavy.... nonononono. paying customer will leave the game.. nononono!

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