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Weird connection bug, I can't connect to the server. kind of....

login issue connection issue

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LinceDorado #1 Posted 12 February 2019 - 06:37 PM


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I started having this issue about a month ago. Basicaly what happens is that I try to log into the game and after showing the load icon for a while, the game tells me "You have been disconnected from the sever." (attached picture) Now the weird thing: I tried to login from time to time and sometimes I actualy got into the game, was able to play a battle and got kicked out after with the same message. I do not have a problem like this with any other game.


Things I've tried to fix this:


-re-install and repair the game

-granting firewall access

-I'm not using a Antivirus programm, so that's not the issue either

-the game is always started as admin

-starting the game in safe mode/cleared cache/reset setting.

-I tried loggin in with another account and have the same issue (I don't think my acc. was hacked)

-I don't use any mods

-sending a support ticket to wargaming, but I just get automated messages telling me to try the stuff on the support page, which I obv. already did.

-also my account is not banned/suspended in any way


The only thing I have not tried is logging in from another PC/Internet acces point. I will try doing this if I get an opportunity.

So what's left is either the wargaming servers having a problem with me or my router having some sort of bug. But again I don't have problems with any other game at all so I kinda doubt it's something to do with my router.


If anybody has an idea what else I could try please tell me :D

thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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