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Frontlines Feedback

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snowlywhite #141 Posted 17 February 2019 - 02:26 PM

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1. attacking vs defending; current score I have is 34-17. Broke down for each day, had 1 day when score was 9-0, another when score was 12-4. Now, how much enthusiasm can you have when you're assigned in the defending team and score so far on that day is 8-2? Seriously?


2. ranking system is totally abusable. The amount of points you get for a trivial action like sitting in cap is just gross.


3. like in randoms - invisible textures. But given there are still a crapton of them on maps launched 1 year ago with 1.0... don't have much hope here.




- allow respawning players to see team distribution on each flank. Suggested presentation: when clicking on one zone in order to select it for respawn(before pressing battle) - at tab show attacker/defenders in the selected front, not on the front you previously died. Should help defenders a bit.


- reduce the extra minutes awarded for each cap. Probably 1:45 or 1:50 instead of 2:00? Dunno, toy with the figure and see the statistics.


- leave arty strike in place if previous zone isn't capped. I.e. - if attackers capped e, they should get access to objectives 3 and 4. Objectives 1-2 and 5 should still be in interdiction zones with constant arty strikes. This should help defenders a bit.

If you do this, don't drop the time awarded for capping as suggested above. Since defenders might get a brain and fill the 2 uncapped zones blocking the attack.


- completely rework the ranking points. Any dmg or spotting done is good dmg. There are very few ppl that deliberately don't try to win(there are many that play poorly - but that's another story).

a) Make an incremental bonus for shooting ppl. closer to cap/objective; bonus that should be capped at around 20-25%(max bonus when shooting ppl. 50m around cap, 15-20% when shooting ppl. 150m around, 10-15% when shooting ppl. 250m around, etc). All positions are known to server anyway, so the amount of server load derived from this is probably close to nil.

b) For 1 min of capping give ~1.5 min of rank gained by average player. This way you'll get less points/minute from capping -since you also have to drive till there); but not way less. Which is fair, because the problem is digging out the defenders on flanks, not pressing w and getting in cap. Capping is rather trivial; any muppet can do it.

- increase the amount of points given for dmg-ing an objective. Right now, there's no actual reason to shoot an objective, since you'll be losing ranking points on average compared to plain shooting.

- give a rather small incentive for ppl. to go in zones where their side is outnumbered(forgot about this one). 5 defenders in zone a vs 7 attackers. Give a 10% bonus on rank for defender for each dmg/spot. And so on; you get the point.

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JocMeister #142 Posted 17 February 2019 - 03:32 PM


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This has to be fixed because its effing stupid. Clickerbot farmed base DEF for 8 minutes. Became General when I was still Lieutenant and then just AFKed for the rest of the battle. I work my [edited]off and made General with the 3rd last shot while he can just half asleep through it from the redline.


Also seems very fair and legit he got highest XP on the team...


TakoezaEU #143 Posted 17 February 2019 - 06:31 PM


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The maps are not balanced. For example If the defenders push past A into the area where the attackers must go to cap A, it is nearly impossible to cap A after that. As soon as you are spotted coming off the spawn point you get hit multiple times and die quickly. This is very frustrating but like most of WoT I expect Wargaming to test the stuff on us before they eventually fix it, years later. 

Alfa_Tau #144 Posted 17 February 2019 - 06:46 PM

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View Posteekeeboo, on 12 February 2019 - 08:15 PM, said:

Greetings Tankers, 


To collate all the feedback, suggestions and comments from players I'm putting this thread here for all feedback as some people are missing the other topics and threads on where to put their feedback! 





Dear eekeeboo

first of all frontline has remotivated me to play World of Tanks. I did not play at all the game in the last month or so. 

and I am not the only one judging from the incredible numbers of players connected. :)

What I really like is :

Map: finally the map is big enugh to run around and try to flank enemies! this is something almost impossible to do on regular maps. And Maps is for me the biggest issue in the game currently . 

MM: finally you have the opportunity to fight only against equal tier tanks. Which makes the game much more enjoyable for all classes.

Arty: it has way less impact on the game then in random. perhaps because there can be a limited number of them per sector. But it's not annoying like in current random game.

As you can see all points are linked to the well known problems of the game. 

Is it really so hard to implement them in regular random mode?? 

When WG is going to design a map of at least 2 x 2 KM ?? In the current situation some maps feel really undersized for the tanks characteristics. It's like me trying to wear a jeans of when I was 18 years old!! If you wanna keep all maps at least reduce the nubers of players in each team: For example on mines you Should not have tanks above tier VII. But if want to use it even at tier X, at least reduce the number of team members to 8 x side. Is it difficult? 

Anyway congratulation for the new Frontline is a joy to play!!

Alfa_Tau #145 Posted 17 February 2019 - 06:57 PM

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View PostSebbelin, on 17 February 2019 - 04:56 PM, said:

Grats WG, you managed to F this up as well. The credits might be great, but that's about it.


- The grind for level 30 is ridiculous. Letting is us skip a week and catch up is basically impossible, unless you are a complete no lifer...


I actually enjoyed it the first time, but when you make it an insane grind, you just make me leave. Just realised that I still need a 1/3 of the XP (or whatever it's called in this mode) from level 25 to 30, so I guess I'll go back to the randoms again, that's just a max of 15 mins of suffering at a time.



Well  am an average player and I also realized that grinding to rank 30 is hard, but I did it! 

and trust me if I did it everyone can achive it!

What I would suggest is to have a fix amount of points per level after rank 20. For example 1500 points instead of increasing the points needed per each level. This could make the grind a little easier 

Alfa_Tau #146 Posted 17 February 2019 - 07:07 PM

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View PostLe_protector, on 17 February 2019 - 11:07 AM, said:

Bad, bad, bad...

It is the realm of autolader premium tank.

WG = Pay to win tactick.

Do that without me, I will not enter trontlineanymore, I dislike a lot my normal vehicles being just targets for ' premium pay to win autoloader tanks'


I really dont understand such complain about autoloader. There are many of them that are free to grind. Pantera for example it's even better then US line has the T69. I have the Emil ! and I used it especially when I was defending. So as you can see many autoloader can also be grinded in the regular line. 

All the best!


AnubisIGI #147 Posted 17 February 2019 - 07:40 PM


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The frontline mode is interesting, but the main problem I have is that you do not get any reward if the game crashes or you get disconnected during the match. Also you cannot rejoin the match in the above mentioned scenario. I understand that this feature was put in place to prevent bots, but at least you could give a 2-3 minute window for a player to reconnect. I have the OS and the game folder installed on an SSD and it takes less than a minute to load Windows and the game, but I still cannot rejoin the match.
It's very frustrating to play a 15-20 minute game just to get a crash and when you log back in you get 0 credits, 0 exp and 0 progress to the Frontline tier.

I had 2 crashes and my PC shut down twice while playing Frontline this week (I don't know why and I have the latest drivers installed).

I hope you fix whatever graphical issues you have with the Frontline mode to make these crashes occur less frequent. In the random battle mode I never encountered such an issue in a very long time.

Cro006 #148 Posted 17 February 2019 - 07:43 PM

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My feeback (things I want):

- increase exp gained from shooting objectives

- give ability to fix objectives 1hp/second with engineering (per tank, so 10 tanks can heal them 10hp per second)

- remove slots for abilities for arties, let them have one (maybe two)

- if you are outnumbered in a zone by more than 50%, give those in worse position more exp for successfuly attacking/defending/damage

- limit number of medium autoloaders/autoreloaders - there's just too many progettos out there

- lower the requirements to get to level 30 by 15% or maybe 20%

- let us know which tank will be tier 9 reward tank :P

- maybe a new map?


Things I like: easier grind of tier 8's, nice money when you have premium account and premium tanks, huge battlefield, usually more fun than randoms ;)


EDIT: Also, don't lower income of credits and exp gained for losing team, that would be stupid. It would be very frustrating to play FL for 25 minutes and get nothing, and don't lower rank gain too - Idk why people even suggest that - that's just stupid.

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Silverwarg #149 Posted 17 February 2019 - 09:18 PM


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Not sure why everyone is hating so much on arty and their skills, I mean there are about ten other players spamming them your way anyway and I definitely get targeted more by other players than by arty or arty skills.


But here are my suggestions:

1. A command for "Defend from here" when pinging the map.

2. Some way to see the number of enemies in each zone, since the swarm attacks are so god damn frequent and defending against two or three times the number of tanks is almost impossible.

3. Shorter cooldown on smoke screen, and have the corridor it create be visible on the minimap, and for gods sake, make sure the damn smoke is visible everywhere it covers and for the whole duration!

4. Nerf the cap speed of engineering.

5. Make scout plane noise more obvious so you know it was a plane spotting you.

6. Give engineering a very slow HP regen for heavies, since they have almost no chance of falling back to repair. (They will still run out of ammo eventually and will be forced to give up OP positions.)

7. Increase XP and credits for shooting objectives, I've taken out them by myself and the reward was so damn pathetic I'm not even sure the ammo cost was covered.


Also... Those damn instant stopping houses if you hit them by even the slightest of inches of your tracks are really annoying, a bounce out effect would by sooo much better.


Edit: Nr 8. Strip all awards, XP and credits from people drowning pushing down their teammates.

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The_Ich #150 Posted 17 February 2019 - 09:54 PM


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View PostJocMeister, on 17 February 2019 - 02:32 PM, said:

This has to be fixed because its effing stupid. Clickerbot farmed base DEF for 8 minutes. Became General when I was still Lieutenant and then just AFKed for the rest of the battle. I work my [edited]off and made General with the 3rd last shot while he can just half asleep through it from the redline.


Also seems very fair and legit he got highest XP on the team...



I noticed many similar cases. Arty is just completely broken for defending. The thing is that arty gets 15 blocked seconds for a splash instead of the usual 5 seconds. Combine this with engineering and a single splash results in up to 30 defense points. Oh and of course an arty shell can also hit/splash multiple targets at once. And all of this can be done from the safe distance.


In addition to this, arty can make use of 3 consumables, which is just ridiculous. In my opinion only scouts should have 3, mediums and heavies 2 and TDs and arty 1. But Wargaming kinda made it the other way round and gave the camping classes even more fire-power / utility. I would prefer, if they would remove these consumables altogether, because they are just annoying and overpowered in certain situation. Airstrikes are often used to focus certain targets... They really should use the old system, which was in place in Steelhunt and Domination: No cooldown on these consumables but instead you have to unlock them again and again by actually doing (assisting) damage and kills. Also the progress should be saved in between respawns, so people are not afraid of pushing, because their consumable is still on cooldown.

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Sebbelin #151 Posted 17 February 2019 - 10:37 PM


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View PostAlfa_Tau, on 17 February 2019 - 05:57 PM, said:


Well  am an average player and I also realized that grinding to rank 30 is hard, but I did it! 

and trust me if I did it everyone can achive it!

What I would suggest is to have a fix amount of points per level after rank 20. For example 1500 points instead of increasing the points needed per each level. This could make the grind a little easier 


Grats, just gotta do it 9 times mores xD. 

I could do it, but it's just too big of a grind. One time in a week and your hating yourself and the game. Then imagine when you skipped a week and need to catch up...

I don't know why the tiers gotta grow, just do 750points for all tiers, that's a fair amount, just between captain and major. Every game is still 20-25 mins, so having to play 50 games a week for an average player is still quite a long time and you gotta do it once a month to get something. Are we even playing this game in a year, when it's done??

Lokik #152 Posted 17 February 2019 - 11:46 PM


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Whatever you do, I really don't like the suggestion of punishing the losing team by getting less Frontline XP than the winners. Less credits and regular XP, sure, but losing Frontline XP would make the prestige grind way worse. Many times I've reached Major or General, done all I possibly can to win the game and still lost, sometimes many games in a row. Getting punished for that loss by making the already long grind even longer would make me lose my damn mind.

HunAnon #153 Posted 18 February 2019 - 12:50 AM


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Well this was a tiring week for me. Spent most of my free time playing frontlines, got 2 full prestige tier, and at level 20 of the third one, but I ran out of time to grind it out today. Pretty sure I only ran out of time (even though today I spent all my day playing WoT), because in the morning was doing the weekend missions instead of frontline, thus not enough time.


Short review: map is nice, music is nice, but if you spend a week on it, without doing other stuff, you get bored of it, sadly I lacked any proper podcast to listen while grinding as well. Mode seems well balanced, while attackers do win more often, but defenders can gain higher ranks with decapping, and attackers cap gain can be nullified in hint of an eye if destroyed before finishing the cap. It is good that a fast tank can sometimes slip behind the enemy taking out objectives, done so myself a couple of times with the T44 FL, it is very exciting to do, and speeds up game.


I used 3 tanks: Tiger II, T44 FL, GW Tiger P. I don't have any other tier VIII yet.


The underpoweredness of my Tiger II came out in frontlines as well (Tiger II should be a tier VII tank), I switched back to the 8,8 gun over the 10,5 one, because higher dpm (could use rof, and pen buff on many german guns), and could afford to sacrifice some pen, for dpm, but still outmatched by progorettos in shooting speed, and could not pen many heavies. I did not use premium ammo after the first few battles, after I realised, it does not matter whether win or lose, just having higher rank, and that if using premium ammo, I would lose massive amount of money.


What I really enjoyed was arty play, with my new GW Tiger P, grinded out about 200000XP for it. The long distances and safe firing made arty very enjoyable to play, especially with having 3 combat reserves to fill out the time while reloading. By the end of week I found spots where I could cover two cap circles, and decapping boosts ranks the best. By next episode, I will most likely bring a second arty.


The T44 FL was ok, it was fast, it's gun have a nice sound, and could pen most, but the heavies from front, it's armor bounced a couple of shots too. Maybe just soviet favouring rng...


As for combat reserves, I used only 3, recon, arty, and bombs. Initially I used arty reserve for tanks too, but since they rarely survived long enough to use it, and in the heat of battle usually miss when released quickly, I changed for recon as first reserve. The other combat reserves I did not even try, since they seemed less useful, and space for reserves is limited.


For next episode, I plan to bring 2-3 new, but stock tier VIII-s, and I will grind those out.


One notable issue in the mode was bad spawns with arty, e.g. when finally able to use my arty, because no other tank left, I got spawned into the heat of battle a couple of times, or so close to the front, that I could not pulled back into safe distance, maybe arties should have separate spawn points, a bit further back from the spawn point for regular tanks.

HavocLP #154 Posted 18 February 2019 - 03:34 AM


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I'm not sure if it's a bug or just no one in WG give it enough thoughts, so I will let myself copy my response from "bug reports" topic, maybe it will get notice, afterall WG is known of listening theirs customers (oh...wait :D )



- not counting "hidden damage" is simply not okey!


Game client can obviously count and sum up our damage even if tanks are not visible anymore (got plenty of screenshots if needed...) but damage made this way doesn't move us up in ranks. Just finished another game with 6k in-game dmg and 60% major rank filled, but my after game score is almost 9k. Would it gave me General rank? It certainly would.

So what is the problem to change the script to not only display our real damage but also give us rank base on that damage made? So even if it's to hard to fix the game and make all damage count in real time, you could fix it in a way that game would give us proper earned rank after battle.


Stop cheating us please. You create situation where we have to pick our targets carefully to fulfill requirements not to save our teammates or actually want to win the game. What's the point to shoot enemy if it doesn't count? :/


snuble #155 Posted 18 February 2019 - 07:15 AM

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Personally this gamemode made me burn out on both gamemode and the game. It litterally made me stop playing WOT at all friday to sunday. I very much doubt there will be any WOT this week either. Instead of a pull to play the wheeled vehicles, I just feel this distaste toward the game.

MarkyGoSmash #156 Posted 18 February 2019 - 07:33 AM


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View PostTyrexdunet, on 12 February 2019 - 09:33 PM, said:




I prefer to defend. as like last year its easy to pick off tanks in capping area. I thought Wargaming was going to sort that out this year... Obviously NOT.. 
06:40 Added after 6 minutes
They should make frontline apart of the main game. As I feel it's better gameplay than the rest of tanks!! Everyone has the power-ups.I still think they should get rid of crews out of the tanks. then everyone would be at the same advantage..

Snake_Keeper #157 Posted 18 February 2019 - 08:33 AM

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1. Add a exp & credits bonus for damage blocked inside the cap circle on the Defending team

2. Add a exp & credits bonus for blocking cap on the Defending team.

3. Add a exp & credits bonus for damaging enemy tanks inside the cap circle on the Defending team.

4. Killing objectives by yourself should be as good as 10k dmg in terms of exp & credits. So if you do 25% you'd be 2500 dmg up in exp & credits gain.

5. Zones with "too many" vehicles in them should hit anyone coming to them with a -25% exp & credit modifier unless they turn back within 30 seconds.


Far too much passive gameplay on the Defender team, nobody uses Engineering for what it is useful. People sit on edge of zones shooting at people in open areas but have little to no control on the cap. Some daisy in artillery reaches General cause they spent the whole match hitting TDs and Lights without doing anything to caps that are being capped. People retreating on cap when they could still salvage the situation. People concentrating in zones that are already well controlled to farm damage leaving others undefended.

KomandirMiho #158 Posted 18 February 2019 - 08:38 AM


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The mode is well balanced. While most people complain about the arty strikes, i feel they are perfect as they are. They keep the game dynamic and prevent people camping in strong positions.

While indeed, the games got boring towards the end of the week, i feel that its fine, seeing how we're only grinding this 1 week per month. I felt it was fine,  considering all the credits and rewards provided.

I did love the consumable discounts, allowed us to buy a lot of stuff.

Anyway, here are my 2 proposals:


As caping attackers, if you die on cap you just lose all experience, i think you could set some base exp points per each 10 cap points, and make sure the attackers receive the experience for capping. In order to avoid exploits, you can set a base experience per player on each of the 6 caps. For example: If you cap 30/100 points, you get 300 exp and you die, when you go back to the same cap, you can only gain the remaining 700 exp (equivalent to the remaining 70/100 cap points you did not cap).


Experience for damaging objectives, if im not mistaken, you do NOT gain rank exp when damaging the objectives, i feel like you should gain some. I may be wrong, but if im not, here's my proposal:

If lets say 100 damage on a tank = 100 exp, for doing 100 damage to the objectives, you should gain at least 33 experience (1/3th of the normal exp). I've had a few games, one in particular where i needed 300 exp for General rank, and instead of farming tanks i decided to sneak into Objective 3, i took out 70% of its hp before dying yet i was not compensated any exp towards my rank.





View PostLokik, on 18 February 2019 - 12:46 AM, said:

Whatever you do, I really don't like the suggestion of punishing the losing team by getting less Frontline XP than the winners. Less credits and regular XP, sure, but losing Frontline XP would make the prestige grind way worse. Many times I've reached Major or General, done all I possibly can to win the game and still lost, sometimes many games in a row. Getting punished for that loss by making the already long grind even longer would make me lose my damn mind.


The Frontline Tier Exp you receive is based on ur rank. If you reach Major or General, you get the same experience points whether you lose or win. The only things affected are Tank exp and Credits.

____Green____ #159 Posted 18 February 2019 - 11:06 AM

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Its very easy win on attack if you have good platoon mates and at least 2-3 more good players who understand how to cooperate.

Here is my simple strat how I play this mode on attack:



1) (red line) If spawned on B or C - ask for help and leave to A if possible. Its tricky to leave C.

Rush A, smokescreen, diversity and ezpz cap

2) (orange line) Flank in or respawn in B, wait for moment when your mates will flank from A side and start push to cap. 

3)  (blue line) move to sector C or respawn, wait for flank and start push in, here again you can use smoke screen.


Best tanks for this is LT432, Spagetto or panterello. 




Worst thing on this mode is ARTA. On defence, if you get spawned on B, with SU-14-2 and stock BR4 gun you can get major with 4 shots if enemy plays agressive but without support. Why stock? Reload every 16 seconds, decent splash and OP accuracy.

Why B and why defence? Easy - You can decap or stun all three bases. So If you play not to win, but to get rank - easy. Preaim to A base and wait for 2 or three opponents there and click. If there is tanks on both flanks (church and balcony) you will get 3 rank with only one or two shots. Just shot all three bases, hold preaim while reloading and check other bases to change priority to get more points. Your reload time is = to stun time every time you hit opponent. So if your teammates play smart and enemy are so dumb and dont use scout planes to track artas, you can get general in less than 7 minutes. Just remember, your ammo rack cappacity will last for 9.5 minutes if you keep your LMB pushed down.



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RagingRaptor #160 Posted 18 February 2019 - 11:34 AM

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So yeah this is my Feedback to the First Episode of Frontline. I reached now Prestige 2 and am sitting now at level 9 or something. Down bellow is the written feedback!

It gets boring rather quickly as it is the same map over and over. I really do recommend getting more maps over the course of the whole season! Do consider giving a 50% bonus to the ranking points to the winner team to make the grind less painful and long aswell as promote actively working for a win! You increased the point need by 62% to reach one prestige compared to the first time Frontline was around so why not add this bonus for winning? Right now you could easily say you want to throw a win to just get general. With that added bonus you could get general like points with major! And I you carried your team well, boom, free general plus an additional 650 points!

Next I think that there is almost no point in attacking Pillboxes as an Attacker. For some reason the rank gain from capping is bonkers huge while the point gain from attacking pillboxes is close to minimal… Consider giving us more points for attacking the pillboxes. In the end those are the MAIN Objectives! So why do they give so little points? Also consider that the inspire reserve also gives assistant points when you attack the pillboxes. In the end it is like… 100% worth to use inspire against the pillboxes as you usually want to win the game! So please consider adding the inspire assistant points for damage on pillboxes by allies which are inspired by you!

Now something positive. I love that you gave the pillboxes those 25mm weakspots at the back! Awesomesauce! It really lets good players aim for them and push out some max DPS with HE! Very well done!

Back to something normal. I personally found it very hard to get general as a defender. As you got to play way more riskier to get minimal point gain compared to an attacker. Attackers have high risk high reward while defenders feel like high risk meh reward. Maybe give out more points for blocking the cap with shots? And do consider giving artillery less reserves. Its really annoying to see that skypiggies usually get general first in the defending team for doing absolutely nothing then using spotplane, arty strike, engineer and their guns. Really promotes blergh gameplay ( Also, give me EBR 75 FL 10 for episode 2. I’ll have a personal vendetta against those piggies!)

Why did you remove the bonds for medals? Its sad to see as in the “beta” of frontline you could get bonds for medals like general medal or small army medal. Which was awesome and promoted my platoonmates and I to play for such medals back then. Now they are just… useless pad on our backs. Maybe give them again something like 10 Bonds or so, doesn’t need to be much, but something small is always better then nothing, ehh?

Give CLEAR instructions what happens at episode 2. When you reach the prestige 3 lvl 30 and you want to reset, TELL THIS THE PLAYERS that if they do it, they will NOT be able to grind anymore levels and they will be stuck at lvl 1 with 1 reserve which is at lvl 1 without making any progress!

Here is an error in my video!

 I actually just found out during my german feedback video that there actually is a tank search thingy in the respawn screen! Yet make it more pronounced please as I legit didn’t found it in 1 week of frontline gameplay :D

Aiming at enemys which have no background like a hill or stone is super hard as your aimcircle jumps up and down. I tried to explain an idea in my video where you lay a plane through all tank models which can act as “ terrain” to the aimcircle so you can actually aim infront of a speeding tank!

UI improvements would be awesome, like the time when the repair spot is ready again on the minimap or show how many attackers / defenders are on one front! Aswell as make those announcements of things being attacked quicker! They take ages to go away again it feels like! Or simple put them on the left side so we have an unobstructed view at the center informations.

Fix the platoon invitation bug.
And some information on how long a combat reserve needs to recharge when you died. Some more info on that might be good!


Lastly some final words: You did something great with frontline during the first time. It was awesome yet super buggy. I am glad to say that a lot of bugs vanished and FPS skyrocketed! Very well done, but please wargaming. Most of your players are older players which all have a job. Don’t count on them putting 20 + hours per week into frontline to get tanks and other things when they already have Jobs they need to attend. This is a game not a lifestyle! Reconsider how much points you need for a prestige. This frontline gamemode should be something YOU can use to advertise how good your game is, bringing new players into the game to play those massive 30 vs 30 games on this huge map!

I saw so many players online when frontline was active and I heard from a lot of players they returned to the game solely because of frontline. And now they get buttfingered by a stupid hard and long grind and immediately loose fun again in it.


Thank you so much for your attention and time. I hope I was able to bring about my personal impression and feedback to frontline and I hope my small voice might be heard in Minsk. Thank you and cheers



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