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Wargaming will not help me...

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WotPizza #1 Posted 13 February 2019 - 07:39 PM


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So late one night I get a certain quest finished which gives me those 4 thingamabingies that I can skip the td 15 quest with for the t28 htc. 

And what do I do? 
Well.. Late as it was I accidentally use those 4 things to get td 15 quest for Stug IV (which has been collecting dust in my garage since i got it) instead and meaning that I have to complete that again with honors to get them back ... it was a pure accident and I wrote that to Wargaming in a ticket and the response was short and cold that there was nothign they could do .. (yeah right) and that I should be more careful what I click or something. Like ???? Is this how Wargaming helps customers? Your customer service is far below average, it really stinks. Badly. 


I cannot stand it when a company like this does not show any love and compassion for the playerbase. Me now yes. But the manner in which I am told I am not getting helped is also very like robotic and cold. 

So I decided to post this the day before Valentines day to make you guys realize what a bad company Wargaming is since they will not help with small technical issues... 

I remember one day I decided to skip the marathon for t-44-100 so I bougth some tokesns for nations .. I had accidentally bought 2 of the same.. Then the support swapped my token to the token needed. I did a similar mistake in the past and then the customer service was good to me! 
Why cannot wargaming customer service be treating me with respect and dignity?? Like I am a valued customer to them??? 


t28 htc  .. I might be rubbish at this game but I play it for fun and giggles and I have seriously been trying to get this stupid td for a long while now and now it was within my grasp and wargaming will not lift that little finger to do this for me even though I have earned it. 


Wargaming you are so bad to your customer base. 

eekeeboo #2 Posted 14 February 2019 - 02:26 PM

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The first comparison I can give is one is earned via in-game not a purchased product. This means you instantly change the way things need to be handled and the systems involved. 


Now if you want to try this thread again while being constructive and asking for genuine help, please do so, because as it is now, your thread is getting boop of noped with nothing constructive what-so-ever in it. 

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